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This year highlighted the graduation of the first generation of graduates of the Dentistry career, in addition to various peaceful manifestations about the national event.

A total of 154 new professionals this year titled the Faculty of Sciences of the University of La Serena, who received their degrees and degrees in a solemn and emotional ceremony held in the Aula Magna Ignacio Domeyko.

science degree2In this act he highlighted the delivery of diplomas to the first generation of graduates of the Dentistry career, adding to the degrees received by graduates of Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences, Ped. in Mathematics and Computing, Ped. in Mathematics and Physics, Ped in Chemistry and Cs. Natural, Bachelor of Astronomy, Bachelor of Physics, Bachelor of Mathematics, Agronomic Engineering, Engineer in Computing, Nursing, Kinesiology, Laboratory Chemist and Bachelor of Chemistry.

During the ceremony, students from different careers held peaceful demonstrations, through banners and brief speeches, in clear allusion to the national context of citizen mobilization lived during the last months.

On the other hand, the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Amelia Ramírez, in her speech, congratulated the new professionals for this important achievement, noting that “today, as alumni, they are the legacy, the near and real fruit of this institution, which brings together the most specialized professionals in the region, academics and academics who today say goodbye proud of you ”.

The authority added that "time cannot make them forget their roots, their alma mater, their university time, or what they have all lived together, that energy is powerful to bring up a Chile that seems to be drying up."


science degree3This year, the University of La Serena Prize went to the State Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Fernanda Peña Graf, who received the distinction from the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón, on behalf of the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés. This award has been instituted by the Rectory in order to provide adequate and timely recognition of student dedication and performance.

For its part, the Prize Faculty of Sciences, awarded to graduates who completed the Curriculum in a term not exceeding two semesters stipulated in the decree of the program and with the highest weighted average of the promotion, obtained: Camilo Rojas Valdivia (Ped. In Biology and Natural Cs.), Fernanda Azúa Farías (Ped. In Mathematics and Computation), Fernanda Peña Graf (Ped. In Mathematics and Physics), Paulina Valdivia Chavarría (Ped. In Chemistry and Natural Cs.) , Diego Gómez Espinoza (Bachelor of Astronomy), Gabriel Flores Alfaro (Bachelor of Physics), María Constanza Valdés Jourdain (Ing. Agronomic), Diego López Lagos (Ing. In Computing), Gabriela Rojas Bobadilla (Nursing), Iván Araya Cerda ( Kinesiology), Andrés Núñez Alfaro (Dentistry), Camila Castillo Ossandón (Laboratory Chemist) and María José Aguilera Lobos (Degree in Chemistry).

Finally, the new dentist Valentina Cerda, delivered a few words to everyone present, representing the graduates of the ULS Faculty of Science.

This university graduation ceremony was attended by university authorities, directors, academics, family members, parents and friends of this professional promotion.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom

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