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The activity presented the results of the consultancy by the British company CAMNEXUS, on the work carried out by the house of studies in innovation processes and technology transfer in science.

Feedback and self-evaluation of the work carried out by the University of La Serena in the area of ​​development of innovation processes and technology transfer, together with delivering the advances of the project "Science and Innovation 2030", were the objectives of the last workshop "Science and innovation for 2030 ”in La Serena after a year of participation in the Consortium that integrates the ULS together with the University of Valparaíso and the U. Technical Federico Santa María.2 science

During the workshop, academics and authorities of the house of studies learned the results of the report prepared by the consultant CAMNEXUS (company of the United Kingdom, which was hired with the objective of supporting the Consortium throughout the construction of its Plan Strategic) on the development of the work plan, where they also generated a proposal for an action plan against these results.

Regarding the realization of this workshop, the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Amelia Ramírez, referred to what was presented during the day and the work done in the Consortium. “Of the workshops that we have done, this one shows us an external vision on how the self-evaluation made compares with the external world and, based on these differences, take suggestions to see how to improve. And this workshop is to respond to these differences. From the point of view of project management, it has been a very good interaction and, in terms of consortium work, we see that we can achieve things together, ”he said.

For her part, the Director of CAMNEXUS, Dr. Jessica Ocampos, commented on the results presented during the day and the way in which the University should take the results of the report made during the year. “That is a vision that the same University should put, I give recommendations and it is the institution that must make its own discovery, since it depends on the characteristics of the house of studies. From the point of view of the actions and the work that we have developed as a team of the Consortium, it has been very good and they have been quite open to all the feedback and questions, which is valuable, because from now they are beginning to make changes by the mere fact of participating in this reflective process, ”he said.

With this activity the workshops to be held at the University of La Serena are closed, finishing the work in consortium between the 3 universities on February 7.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom