histogean couple

The visit took place between Tuesday 12 and Thursday 16 January, and was in charge of professors Ricardo Vargas Morales (president), María Mireya González Leiva and Manuel Silva Águila.

For two and a half days, the Pedagogy in History and Geography career community received a visit from the Peer Evaluation Committee, actively participating in the meeting program with which the evaluating peers verified the background set forth in the Self-assessment report and deepened the understanding of the educational project of the career and its results.

The content of the meetings, as well as the exit report of the peer commission, is confidential and constitutes an input for the preparation of the report that the CNA will review to determine the accreditation years.

The visit was carried out in absolute normality and had the technical assistance of the team of the Office of Accreditation Support.

The race is part of the Faculty of Social, Business and Legal Sciences (FACSEJ ULS) and its Dean, Dr. Luperfina Rojas, was grateful for the participation of all academics who “supported in this process that was highly participatory, I thank students, graduates, employers, practice supervisors and so many people who were in meetings with peers, where we had a very broad learning process, in which we met our weaknesses and strengths, related to a new renewed curriculum , which has been strengthening. The history and geography career turned 50 and that has shown us that we have managed to train many professionals and contribute to the social, political and educational development of the region and the country. ”

Along the same lines, the Director of the Department of Cs. Social, Hernán Cortés, said that “this process synthesizes all the effort developed by the team of the race and we can show that we have made significant progress, empowering ourselves with the renewed plan we have had for two years, integrating research and evidencing achievements in that aspect "

Meanwhile, for the Director of the School of Pedagogy of History and Geography, Dr. Fabián Araya, according to his experience, the accreditation processes are always revealing and are part of a great whole: “Realize that the work is always constant and that from day one of accreditation we must work for an upcoming self-assessment process as a permanent practice where we all form an important part of it. This accreditation process has been different, due to the national contingency and the series of internal events of the race, but the commitment of all those who participated is appreciated ”.