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Dr. Haylen Perines presented results of a Fondecyt project that is being executed with students and academics, belonging to the pedagogy careers of the University of La Serena.

"Relevance of educational research in teacher training and in the future challenges of Chile that we dream of", the Seminar held at the Miguel de Cervantes University on January 15 and in which the researcher of the Multidisciplinary Institute of Science was exposed and ULS Technology, Dr. Haylen Perines, along with Dr. Andrea Lagos, of the PUCV, and Dr. Ernesto Schiefelbein, National Education Award 2007.

The activity arises as an initiative of the Vice-Rectory of Postgraduate and Research of that University, who want to take a new look at the degrees they offer, including educational research.

“I was invited in the framework of the Fondecyt project that I am executing, whose title is 'Presence and importance of educational research in pedagogical training and its assessment by students and academics'. This research is being carried out with students and academics, belonging to the pedagogical careers of our University. In the seminar I presented some of the results of the project, which generated a lot of interest in the audience, ”explained Dr. Perines.

Educational research in teacher training is an issue that is becoming increasingly relevant for universities, especially because of its importance for the construction of a more up-to-date, critical and thoughtful teacher.