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Fragments of the poetry of our Nobel Prize for Literature were stunned in 10 summits of the Province of Elqui.

A fragment of the poetry “Monte Aconcagua”, from the book “Poema de Chile”, was chosen to be embodied in the ceramics that the mountaineering group “Cultura Viva” installed on the top of Las Tórtolas Hill (Vicuña), thus giving Close to the "Literary Summits" project that included the development of plates with diaguita influence and poems by Gabriela Mistral, which were located on the summits of 10 hills of the Province of Elqui.

cumbres2With the rise and installation of the tenth plate on this hill located more than 6 thousand meters above sea level, this initiative was supported by the Rectory of the University of La Serena and promoted by this group of mountaineering -integrated by officials and citizens -, with the idea that culture can be everywhere.

“The end of this project that began at the beginning of 2019 has been fulfilled, which is very interesting because it mixes culture, the legacy of Gabriela Mistral, the promotion of outdoor life and the knowledge of our hills. In short, it contributes to our personal life and also reinforces the sustainability seal that the University of La Serena has, where we become more aware of our territory, where we have met with former students of the ULS, athletes and the community in general that has been getting excited about the idea and they wanted to be part of this ”, said the academic of the house of studies, Dr. Cristian Ibáñez, who is part of the group.

The president of the mountain club, Miguel Ángel Rojas, meanwhile, highlighted the development of the project and thanked the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, for his great commitment to the culture and the realization of this initiative.

In this way, the plates made in the Ceramics Workshop of the University of La Serena and inspired by the legacy of Mistral, were installed on the summits of Las Tórtolas, Quebrada Seca, La Gitana, Mamalluca, Gualliguaica (Portillo), Montegrande (Gabriela Mistral), Paranao, Juan Soldado, Peralillo and Cutún.

The idea of ​​the members of the group is to continue promoting this type of initiatives, this time on summits of another province of the Coquimbo Region or on the hill tops of other regions of the country.

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom