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The activity was attended by professionals from the U. Mesoamericana (Mexico), the UNTREF (Argentina) and the ULS, who discussed the tasks and challenges that exist in higher education in the current Latin American context.

With the objective of generating a space for dialogue, the Department of Education of the University of La Serena held the videoconference "Tasks and Challenges of Higher Education in Latin American Context" Contributions to Decolonize Universities ", which had the exhibitions of the academic of the Mesoamerican University of San Cristóbal (Mexico), Dr. Víctor Avendaño, the academic of the National University of Tres de Febrero (Argentina), Dr. José Tast and the Director of the ULS Department of Education, Dr. Jaime Montesvideoconference2

During the activity, academics point to different aspects of higher education, contextualized to the reality of each country, thus seeking to generate a space for debate, dialogue and reflection with the attendees, who actively participated in it.

“The most important universities in the world are open institutions, in connection with other academic experiences in various parts of the world. In this way, the university's intellectual, spiritual and academic descent is enriched through the exchange of experiences, ”said Dr. Jaime Montes, said the importance of generating spaces for dialogue with academics from foreign universities.

For his part, for Dr. Víctor Avendaño, it is relevant to have these types of spaces within academic life, which allow critical thinking in the university community. “Academic life must be full of events like this one, where debate is generated, since a higher education institution must provoke critical thinking in its students, and I am very convinced that this type of space gives richness to university education” .

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom