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During the ceremony, which took place in the Aula Magna Ignacio Domeyko, peaceful demonstrations were made regarding social outbreak and education in Chile.

A total of 232 young professionals belonging to the Faculty of Humanities of the University of La Serena received their degrees and degrees in two significant ceremonies, which were not exempt from peaceful demonstrations around the national contingency.

humanities2In both graduation ceremonies, the new State professors in Basic General Education, State professors in Differential Education, nursery educators, psychologists, professors (teachers) were handed over their degrees. as) of State in Spanish and Philosophy, professors of State in English, professors of State in Musical Education, graduates in Music, designers, translators English - Spanish and graduates ( as) in Translation.

“First of all, I want to congratulate and express - in my own name and in the community that I represent - the recognition of the young professionals who are now graduating and I would like to extend also the congratulations of our university community to parents, guardians and families , so it has been a joint effort and satisfaction that has to be enjoyed in a shared way, ”said the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Cristian Noemi Padilla.

Likewise, through a master class, he developed a conscientious critique of the social and political scene that our country is experiencing, explaining certain concepts and leaving in evidence that "there is the idea, the need and the imposition of reaching a 'new normality'".

He also indicated that "postmodernism has opened an abyss: from the hand of his parents, mothers, loved ones and his alma mater ... fly over him."


In the titling ceremonies, the professionals who stood out academically during their time at the ULS were rewarded.

humanities4One of these distinctions is the University of La Serena Award, which this year went to the State Professor of Musical Education Graduate in Education, Ana Luisa Silva Carrillo, who received the distinction from the Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón, in Representation of the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés. This award has been instituted by the Rectory in order to provide adequate and timely recognition of student dedication and performance.

While the Dean, Dr. Cristian Noemi, delivered a reminder gift as testimony, recognition and encouragement to new professionals who achieved the highest scores and the best academic trajectories of their respective careers. These distinctions fell to Belén Albanez Venegas, of Pedagogy in Basic Education; Manar Mores Menares, of Pedagogy in Differential Education; Paola Araya Cortés, of Pedagogy in Nursery Education; Katherine Carvajal Rojas, of Psychology; Carolina Yapur Ardiles, of Pedagogy in Spanish and Philosophy, Ignacia Medina Saavedra, of Pedagogy in English; Ana Luisa Silva, of Pedagogy in Musical Education; Agustín Tapia Escobar, Design Mention Communication; Martín Sánchez Herreros, of English-Spanish Translation; and Vanessa Flores Godoy, Bachelor of Music in Piano Mention.

The farewell speeches on behalf of the graduates were given by the new professionals, María Villagrán Contreras and Pilar Araya Flores, who thanked the constant support of their loved ones and the integral and human training provided by the University of La Serena.

The ceremony was attended by university authorities, managers, academics, family, parents and friends of this professional promotion.

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom

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