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chemistry olympics

The final stage, which ended this month, was held at the University of Talca and was attended by 45 students from all regions of the country.

An outstanding participation had 3 students from the Coquimbo Region in the national stage of the Chemistry Olympics, who obtained silver medals in this instance held at the University of Talca during the days 15,16 and 17 January and which gathered 45 Students from all over the country.

The students who obtained the presas were Martina Calderón, from the second half of the Francis School of Coquimbo; Darío Reyes, from third middle of the Sacred Hearts College of La Serena; and Annija Westfall, from the middle room of the Italian Scuola “Alcide de Gasperi” of La Serena.

“This is a great achievement because the 3 representatives of the region reached second place in their category, highlighting the education provided in their schools. I also highlight our role as University of La Serena, which is to cooperate in various aspects of education and it is no less 20 years organizing these Olympics, which year by year have more participants. We also want to add more municipal schools to highlight the talents that exist ”, emphasized the regional president of the Chemistry Olympics, Professor, Mg. Abraham Ledezma

The University of La Serena has organized the Chemistry Olympics for 2 decades and the closing ceremony corresponding to the year 2019 will be held in the month of April of this year, where all those students who passed to the second phase of the championship will be awarded the Coquimbo Region.

This new version of the Olympics, sponsored by the Council of Rectors of the State Universities of Chile, had a participation of 3 thousand students from all over the country, of which 240 were young people from the provinces of Elqui, Limarí and Choapa.

It should be noted that for the 2020 version, during the month of May, the call for this event will open, whose final stage will be held at the Metropolitan University of Education Sciences.

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom