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This year highlighted the qualification of the first lawyer graduated from the University of La Serena and the first generation of graduates in Legal Sciences, along with peaceful demonstrations regarding the national context.

In the Aula Magna of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Social, Business and Legal Sciences of the University of La Serena was held, a macro unit that this year titled 178 new professionals in their careers.

facsej2In this emotional act, 15 State professors in History and Geography, 24 journalists, 1 lawyer, 7 graduates in Legal Sciences, 2 tourism administrators, 8 Business Administration engineers who were part of a study reconciliation program, 60 received their degrees commercial engineers, 29 auditors and 34 engineers in Business Administration.

On the occasion, Dr. Luperfina Rojas addressed those present, highlighting that “as Dean of the FACSEJ, I greet you with love and pride on this special day for 178 young people who finish an important and unforgettable stage in their lives. We are facing new professionals who have been trained in an institution that promotes a critical and responsible vision among their students in their local, national and global environment ”.

The authority added that “although today they end a stage of this path called knowledge, the road is still long and requires its momentum and perseverance. Wanting, wanting, loving what is done, is a must to achieve good results. Each person has to commit to their own training. ”

Finally, he stressed that “today we have the pride of starting new professionals at the University of La Serena, with the presence, in this Aula Magna, of the people who supported them most during these last years, parents, mothers, brothers, grandparents or friends, also of their teachers who accompanied them during their professional training process. All of them are somehow part of this new achievement, which is why the gratitude and satisfaction is not only from you individually, but also from your families and from us as a University. ”


This year, the "University of La Serena Award", an award that is awarded to the most outstanding student of all faculty careers, went to the new journalist Camila Toloza. This award was presented by the Rector (s) of the ULS, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón, on behalf of Dr. Nibaldo Avilés.

In addition, during this act, the Faculty of Social, Business and Legal Sciences, through its Dean, Dr. Luperfina Rojas, presented awards to graduates who achieved the best average grades in their respective careers. The award-winning professionals were: Camila Toloza Tolosa (Journalism), Judith Pereira Coroseo (Ing. In Business Administration), Alexsandra Arata Araya (Audit), Javiera Valverde Valencia (Commercial Ing.), Catalina Gálvez Fernández (Pedagogy in History and Geography) and Pablo Galleguillos Galleguillos (Right).

These awards are added to those given by the College of Accountants, the Coquimbo Region Tourism Corporation, the Bar Association, the Journalists College and the Department of Social Sciences (“Juan Panades Vargas” award), whose representatives gave distinctions to outstanding graduates in their careers. In addition, SERCOTEC rewarded the student with greater entrepreneurial spirit and for his contribution to the curricular activities of the Commercial Engineering degree, which fell to former student Guillermo Romero.

Finally, the graduate Pablo Galleguillos, representing the graduates of the careers of the FACSEJ, delivered a few words of farewell at the graduation ceremony.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom

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