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Through a statement, the Rectory informed the university community of the COVID-19 ULS Surveillance Protocol, initiative that establishes the procedure for action at the internal level with the aim of preventing the spread of COVID-19 at the institutional level.

This Protocol was prepared by a Commission, whose formation I instructed last week, and is headed by the Vice-Rector for Economic and Administrative Affairs, and composed of the Director of Teaching, the Director-General for Student Affairs, the Director of the Student Health Service, the Director of Human Resources, the Director of the Nursing Department, the Directors of the Careers in Dentistry and Kinesiology, a lawyer from the Legal Department and recently joined 1 representative of the Association of AF Officials

In the statement it is indicated that the Commission will be in charge of the epidemiologist Dr. Paola Salas, who, in turn, will fulfill the task of coordinating the work carried out by this Commission and responding to queries from the university community associated with this topic. For such purposes, the email account has been enabled This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the phone +56 9 74766856 that will be attended by Dr. Salas.

It is also pointed out that the scenario generated by the detection of this virus at the national level is dynamic, so that this Protocol may undergo modifications that will be adopted by this same Commission, by virtue of new events and what the pertinent organizations indicate.

"We are grateful to each one of you to learn about this Surveillance Protocol, and to the heads of the different macro-units and units to support its operation. Remember that the most important in this situation is self-care. During this day, the information will be updated according to new events, "said the Rector in the statement.

Download the COVID-19 ULS Surveillance Protocol

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