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The videos broadcast on institutional social networks are part of a communication plan in which academic experts in public health and epidemiology share recommendations and guidelines to the general community.

Faced with the spread of COVID-19 both internationally and nationally, the University of La Serena, as the only state university in the Coquimbo Region, has carried out a series of educational capsules, shared through institutional social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), in order to share knowledge with the community about the care that must be taken to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

In these capsules prepared jointly by the Strategic Communication Directorate and the ULS Surveillance Commission COVID-19, with the support of various units, the Dr. in Public Health and epidemiologist, Paola Salas, academic and head of this commission, delivers a series of recommendations and guidelines, such as proper hand washing and the care that should be taken against the symptoms of this disease, among other relevant tips.

This work is part of the actions implemented by the University to safeguard the health of its community, joining the creation of the COVID-19 Surveillance Commission and the COVID-19 ULS Surveillance Protocol with the internal action procedure , the suspension of face-to-face classes and the replacement by remote teaching, the implementation of the remote working day, in addition to the recommendations provided by academic experts in various media.