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Mechanical Engineer Training

Institutionally validated tools are currently being used for distance teaching (Zoom platform). The aim is to facilitate the continuity of planning for each of the subjects and, on the other hand, to provide quick and easy access for students.

With the aim of facilitating novel tools to support the student learning process, CICULS (Center for Informatics and Computing) in conjunction with the UMD (Teaching Improvement Unit) conducted training for academics from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena. The initiative enables teachers to train in videoconferences and strengthen remote work with undergraduate and graduate students.

The Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Carlos Garrido, pointed out regarding the initiative that "the training with the academics of the Department of Mechanical Engineering consisted of increasing the potential of teachers for the development and application of distance classes through the Zoom platform. There are other important resources to implement such as online tests, questionnaires, tests to take virtual classes, etc. "

Luis Calderón, academic from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, participated in this training and stressed the importance of this initiative, stating that "the University has the Zoom tool, which is very relevant since it allows us to do online classes, where I can transmit my classes to my students of my subject through an invitation that allows me to interact in real time with my students, and that they can ask me their questions ".

In this sense, Lic. Gerardo Galleguillos, in charge of the Teaching Improvement Unit, when asked about the training, stressed "our support as UMD is linked to the material that teachers identify as priority or optimal to work with the students, is aligned with the quality standards that we are called to uphold, since we are guaranteeing teaching by the Quality Assurance Law of Higher Education (undergraduate). "

Written by María José Barraza, Project FIULS 2030