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Zoom training course

The students this time were the 14 rapporteurs of the courses, along with the entire team from the Office.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Training Office (OTEC) of the University of La Serena has worked to adapt its courses to the online modality, maintaining the quality of the service offered in person. For this reason, he has worked with the rapporteurs and team members to improve their digital skills.

On this occasion, 14 professionals -which correspond to the totality of the rapporteurs of the OTEC online offer-, in addition to the complete team of the Training Office, were trained in the efficient use of the ZOOM tool, a platform in which They take synchronous courses, according to the day and time defined by the calendar.

Pablo Sánchez, in charge of the Office, stressed the importance of this internal training, indicating that "through this workshop we have quickly leveled all our rapporteurs in the use of this tool, which is the basis for conducting virtual classes; this workshop was dictated by the UMD, which was relevant because the focus is not only the use of the tool, but also focused on teaching ”.

In addition, he emphasized the support received by the Teaching Improvement Unit of the University of La Serena, which collaborated in the training.

More information about the available courses, prices and start of classes can be found on the website. http://capacitaciones.userena.digital/.

Written by Jenifer Araya, DIVEULS