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tablet delivery

The measure promoted by the Rectory seeks that no regular ULS student is excluded from their training process due to technological or connectivity deficiencies.

With the purpose of reducing the technological gap that some students presented to access remote teaching via the internet, the University of La Serena arranged, since last April, the delivery of internet connectivity chips and, during May, tablets and notebooks, benefiting to date, more than 400 students in total.

The measure was adopted by the Rectory and implemented by a Commission made up of the Student Federation, the Director of Teaching, the Director of Student Affairs and the Coordinator of the Department of Student Welfare, who defined the delivery method and prioritization criteria for allocation of benefits.

"The Commission considered 3 major sources of data to analyze the situation and propose the criteria for the allocation of the benefit: the cadastre of needs prepared by the FEULS and the CEC, the requirements formulated by the School / Career directorates and the results of the diagnostic survey of digital connectivity applied the first week of May for students entering the 1st academic semester 2020 ”, explained the Academic Vice-Rector, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón Vergara.

In this way, and evaluating the reality of the cases and institutional resources, the Commission decided to assign the benefit of a connectivity chip, devices or both, based on 4 criteria: the express request for support by the student; belong to decile 1 to 6, according to the latest available MINEDUC evaluation (2019 or 2020); not have a home plan or data plan, cellular device or computer equipment to connect to teaching; and be a regular student.

The delivery of chips has been taking place since April, while the delivery of tablets and notebooks began on Thursday, May 15, continuing this week, in charge of the professional team of the General Directorate of Student Affairs (DGAE).