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A total of 24 middle school students from the communes of Vicuña, Coquimbo and La Serena began their formative period of the program, which is recognized by MINEDUC.

To promote the development of teaching identity in fourth-grade students who show interest in being a teacher, is the objective of the program of preparation and access to pedagogies for high school students, implemented in 2017 and belonging to the Academic Vice-Rector's Office of the University de La Serena, and which meets the requirements of Law 20.903 of the Teaching Professional Development System.

Due to the contingency that the country is going through, the activities of the "I want to be an Education Professional" (QSPE) program have been adapted to the remote modality for this third version, where new students, belonging to different establishments educational institutions of the Elqui province, participated in their first instance of training, under the conviction of enhancing their skills as students who choose pedagogy by vocation, and enter university life in 2021.

For Andrea Palma, a fourth-year student at the Liceo Bicentenario Instituto de Administración y Comercio Estado de Israel (IAC), Coquimbo, this is an opportunity to fulfill her goal of being a teacher in the future, “my desire is to become a Professional of Pedagogy in History and Geography, I have very good expectations about this program, since from the interview you could see all the love and commitment that the teachers of the program put into it, which shows me that I am in good hands. Personally I would like to internalize myself more, since it will be very useful in my future university, work and daily life, ”he said.

Regarding the development of this instance, Dr. Karla Campaña, QSPE Coordinator, stated: “Relevance of the importance of being a teacher in a changing society, facing students who feel called to educate, is a great challenge. The program exists because we know that there are young people that it is not enough for them to take an entrance test to the university, but they also want to have the experience of knowing the teacher's work, before being a university student. We thank educational establishments for once again trusting the work of our university. ”

This third version of the QSPE program ends in November 2020 and students who pass the program can enter the institution's pedagogies without a transient test score requirement. In this way, the University of La Serena responds to the call of the Ministry of Education to open spaces for those who decide to be professionals in education.

For more information about the "I want to be an Education Professional" program, contact us by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Written by Daniel Aguayo, Programs LEARN - PACE ULS