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The axis of the consultations carried out by the student leaders focused on the current Law No. 21.094 on State Universities.

Among the actions planned by the Statutes Commission of the University of La Serena, the Executive Board met virtually with the Council of Representatives of the ULS student body, made up of the FEULS board and the representatives of each degree. On the occasion, the President of CEULS, Germán Solís Godoy, the Vice-President, Miguel Ramos Tapia, the Secretary of the Commission, Cecilia Hernández Araya and the student representative, Karla San Francisco González, presented.

The axis of the consultations carried out by the student leaders, focused on the current Law No. 21.094 of State Universities, promulgated in May 2018, specifically in Title II of said law: “Common rules for State Universities ”, Article 12“ Superior organs ”.

Thus, the law defines as part of the government of state universities, the following higher bodies: Superior Council, Rector and University Council. Meanwhile, the responsibility for internal control and oversight will be in charge of the University Comptroller. Although the names of these two instances (Superior Council and University Council) may change at the proposal of the same State Universities, they are bodies that by law must be present in the statutes that will govern us from 2021 onwards.

This first meeting with the ULS Council of Representatives was very well received by the student body. Commissioner Karla San Francisco indicated "that suggestions and comments could be received about the work done and how we could improve the outreach to the entire community." The Council indicated that they would download and disseminate this information at racing assemblies.