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La Serena, June 03, 2020.


Dear ULS Community:

One month has elapsed since the start of the First Academic Semester 2020, a period in which teaching activities have been carried out one hundred percent remotely, as scheduled by virtue of safeguarding the health of our university community due to the health crisis of the Coronavirus that affects the country, the Academic Council of the University of La Serena met today Wednesday June 03, in its Ordinary Session No. 3 of 2020.

Among the main topics of the day, were the analysis of the planning and progress that the development of teaching activity has had in this semester, as well as the budgetary adjustment that is required to face the economic impact of this crisis at the institutional level.

This Council was attended by the Vice-rectors, Deans, Counselors, Directors, the President of the Association of Academics University of La Serena AF, the President of the Association of Officials of the University of La Serena AF , the Acting President of the Student Federation (FEULS) and its Vice President.

In this context, the Academic Vice-Chancellor Dra. Alejandra Torrejón Vergara, related the operation of the First Semester 2020 and the progress made to date, in different areas, such as those that have allowed to reinforce and equip the University with the technology that makes possible the development of classes via platforms.

Likewise, the Academic Vice-Chancellor highlighted the institutional effort deployed to support students with connection difficulties and to have the devices and internet services to complete their academic semester.

At the same time, the academic authority highlighted the commitment and effort that the ULS academics have shown to carry out the development of their subjects, a process that has not been without difficulties.

Within this framework, the Council addressed the need to analyze and reflect on what has been done so far on the subject of remote teaching, in order to continue improving the teaching and learning processes. Together, some factors that would be influencing and affecting students in this process were addressed.

After extensive discussion, and with the aim of evaluating the progress of the teaching activity and generating analysis spaces, the Academic Council in its Ordinary Session N ° 3, deemed it necessary to start a process of reflection from tomorrow, Thursday 4 and until Saturday 13 June 2020. This measure aims to review the teaching work that is being done, with the aim of strengthening the process in the current context and that the students of the University of La Serena have a period of reflection on remote teaching in the period of time specified above and strengthen in this period of difficulties due to the pandemic that our country is experiencing.

In this same period, academics as part of their functions may, for example, carry out a work of analysis of the content covered, preparation of new teaching materials, review of basic and central learning objectives for the achievement of first-year learning results. semester and attention to possible inquiries by students, among others, which must be determined by the Department Directors.

Also in the case of academics, the Directors of Departments, by virtue of their powers and responsibilities, conferred by Decree No. 137/1987, will be in charge of supervising and registering the tasks of a curricular nature that they carry out during said period. . Function that I strongly request to fulfill, taking into account the regulations and audits that the Superintendency of Higher Education and the Comptroller General of the Republic have announced to execute in the context of a pandemic.

On the other hand, at the point of budgetary adjustment, the Director of Finance reported and quantified the lower income, higher expenses and specifically investments in chips and tablets for all students who will require it in the remote teaching process; the latter being the main objective for which the budget adjustment was approved by majority, with two abstentions.

It should be noted that this budgetary adjustment aims to maintain the remuneration of ULS staff, respond to institutional commitments with third parties and support students in connectivity.

Before concluding, express that we hope that, with the measurement of the week of reflection, a space will be generated that is part of the development of the semester, which will allow ordering and recovering new energies for its continuity.

Remember that in the midst of this complex and unprecedented pandemic situation that we are going through, it requires our best efforts and broad collaboration to advance without risking the well-being of our community, the support of our students and the stability of our Institution.


Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro