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Professor Arenas 1

The work of the academic of the Dept. of Music of the ULS, Dr. Mario Arenas, seeks to determine if the musical training they have received influences their teaching practice.

The Didactae Magazine of the University of Barcelona, ​​in its issue Number 72, published the article of the academic Music Department of the University of La Serena, Dr. Mario Arenas entitled: 'The teaching performance in Music Education of generalist teachers in Chile. An exploratory mixed study. '

In his descriptive-exploratory work of a mixed type, he intends to describe for the first time the performance of generalist teachers in the area of ​​Musical Education, trying to determine if the musical training they have received influences their teaching practice, and if this is related to effectiveness that they perceive of themselves when teaching the subject.Professor Arenas 2

In relation to the results, these show problems in the performance of teachers, such as unsystematic classroom interventions, lack of progression and lack of focus on didactic actions. Inadequate or non-existent training and the lack of resources for the development of the subject, on the other hand, are the main influencing factors in the perceived level of self-efficacy and in the evaluation of their professional performance in this area.

As expressed in the article itself, “the objective of this initial study (…) has been to extract a snapshot of one of the many realities that occur in Chilean music education through the interpretation of complementary data. Obviously, it does not intend to generalize the results, but to show the imaginary of the teachers on the topics treated through the discussion group and triangulate their affirmations with other quantitative data ”.

Didactae is a publication on research in specific didactics of the Faculty of Education of the University of Barcelona and, among others, is indexed in Latindex.