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pem coordinators meeting

This is an instance focused on the delivery of information to the management teams of the Educational Communities, attached to the program.

The Component of Preparation in Secondary Education (PEM), of the program of Accompaniment and Access to Higher Education (PACE) of the University of La Serena, carried out the so-called "Meeting of Coordinators of Educational Establishments (EE) PACE", belonging to the twelve educational communities attached to the measure of the Ministry of Education.

Within its line of work with high school students, the role of the EE PACE ULS Coordinator is vital for the development of the different actions that the program performs, within each of the high schools and colleges, with which it currently works. This is why this meeting focused on informing the PACE Coordinators about the 2020 Admission processes and socializing the new virtual environment "AULA PEM".

The first part of the meeting, was in charge of Mg. Gonzalo Honores Vega, Head of the ULS Admission and Enrollment Department, who provided information on the new admission system for higher education.

The second part consisted of the presentation of the new virtual space, which will work with the twelve educational communities of the program. In this regard, the Coordinator of the PEM PACE ULS Component, Jovanna González Cortés, explained: “The meeting was focused on two Crucial axes for the program: delivery of information to the EE PACE Coordinators on the new admission process for this year and the presentation of the model of the virtual space ´Aula PEM´; intended for the encounter with our educational communities and aimed at our third and fourth year students, so that they have efficient access to the support provided by the program, strengthen key skills for their academic future and accompany them in vocational exploration, in addition to having a space for teachers and parents in some subjects ”.

For the social worker and EE PACE ULS College Coordinator, Claudia Vega, this meeting was beneficial, since it clarified several doubts that were resolved in the development of the instance and argument: “this is our new way of working and linking with the program and I really liked it, since we can do many things for our students; The information they gave us was a privilege to listen to, since today they resolved many of my doubts about the admission and accompaniment process of the program. ”

In the same way, the SEP Psychologist from the Pedro Aguirre Cerda school, Leticia Díaz Barrera, added: “The meeting organized by the PEM PACE ULS component seemed very good, very interesting, I was able to clarify doubts related both to the process of entering the higher education, as well as the support they provide interactively to students in the psychoeducational area. The themes are interesting and presented through a fairly friendly platform, adjusting to the needs and current context ”.

Written by Daniel Aguayo, APRENDE ULS and PACE ULS Programs.