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Supplies delivery 1

The contribution of Minera Pelambres, articulated by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, corresponds to elements of protection for the professionals of the venue, such as masks, gloves, surgical gowns, goggles and facial protectors.

Last Friday, June 5, the University of La Serena received an important donation from Minera Los Pelambres, thanks to the coordination of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, to contribute to the work of the diagnostic laboratory for COVID-19 (Biology department).

This is the delivery of personal protection items for health professionals who work in the laboratory, such as, masks, gloves, surgical gowns, goggles, face shields, among other elements, which will allow the work of detecting COVID-19 is safe for officials and ensures the continuity of the detection process in the Coquimbo Region.Supplies delivery 2

This public-private initiative also represented an important contribution to the work carried out by the FIGEMA-CEAZA laboratory at the Universidad Católica del Norte (Coquimbo campus).

Regarding this delivery of supplies, the Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate, Dr. Eduardo Notte, indicated that "it is important to receive this donation, since this security material, which is scarce today, will allow us to carry out the exams of testing with the safety of the personnel in charge that the Health Service of Coquimbo asks us. As a university we are very grateful for this help, it is always good that public and private institutions can work together on issues that mean help to the community ”.

For his part, the academic in charge of the laboratory, Dr. Cristian Ibáñez, affirmed that this donation “will mean an important help in the safety of those who work to detect cases of coronavirus in our laboratory. Once the use of the laboratory by the Coquimbo Health Service is authorized, we will be able to expedite the delivery of test results made in the region, both in taking and analyzing these, and these inputs will be quite important in this work. ”

The Seremi de Ciencia de la Macrozona Centro, Dr. María José Escobar, assured that “this pandemic makes us face great challenges that require the articulation of different agents of the ecosystem, such as academia, the public and private systems. The articulation with the academy has allowed us to increase the diagnostic capacity of COVID-19, making scientific laboratories available for this purpose ”.

The Ministerial Secretary added that “we are very grateful for the contribution that the ULS, the UCN with their FIGEMA laboratory and CEAZA have made. The private contribution is not left aside, which is evidenced by this contribution in personal protection elements for university laboratories, that is why we appreciate the willingness of Minera Los Pelambres to join this initiative. We hope that this type of articulation continues beyond the pandemic, contributing together to a sustainable development of our region. ”