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The collaboration between both institutions was increased in the framework of the pandemic, allowing the contents of the ULS factory to reach new national audiences, through the television signal.

ULS and UesTV have in common the commitment to reach the community with knowledge relevant to their daily life, bringing science, arts and culture closer to the greatest number of people.

Hence, naturally, the contents of ULS communication campaigns in the context of a pandemic, were gaining value for UesTV and becoming part of its programmatic grid.

“The relationship with UesTV is long-standing. However, the context of confinement derived from the pandemic, has generated greater collaboration. Our campaign contents have been valued by the editorial team of UESTV and they have generously given us a platform to reach other latitudes, with ULS knowledge and academics, ”says Carola Espinoza, director of Strategic Communication at the university.

During these 3 months, the television signal of the universities of the State of Chile has broadcast the conversation programs via streaming that ULS emits every Thursday, the #ConociendoElCielo and AstroSerena capsules, the series of scientific dissemination talks that this 2020 has reinvented itself in 100% digital format.

Regarding the content transmitted by UesTV, the channel's Programming and Contents coordinator, Ingrid Ormeño, indicated that “the work carried out by the University of La Serena and, in particular, the one that will be broadcast on our platform, is a great contribution to culture and to education. In general, all the contribution that state universities give to national and local society is important, and as a channel, it is essential for us to have programs that show the work that each university does and thus be able to bring it closer to our communities. ”

Over the next few weeks, a new bet on ULS content will hit the UesTV screen starting on Wednesday, June 10. These are the concerts of the University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra (OSULS), which will be broadcast every Wednesday at 16.30 pm and broadcast on Saturdays at the same time.

UesTV can be tuned in through the digital channel 14.3 in Santiago, in addition to the Zapping TV platform and its website www.uestv.cl.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom