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This instance, like the previous meetings in the Faculty Council and the Council of Representatives, aims to promote dissemination and two-way communication with all the actors of the university community in the process of adaptation and / or reformulation of the Statute of the University of La Serena.

In the session, the Executive Table presented on the main advances of CEULS, and also listened and collected the concerns of the members of the Association of Academics of the University of La Serena (AAULS AF), chaired by the academic Luis Palma Chilla, who He valued this approach and raised the possibility of attending one of the CEULS ordinary sessions as a board of the association, in order to discuss and publicize the previous work that the Association of Academics has been carrying out both locally and national.

For his part, the Vice-President of CEULS, Miguel Ramos Tapia, indicated that “the Executive Board values ​​the interest of the AAULS AF in wanting to get involved in the first discussion of the ULS Statutes by the university community, integrated by academics, students and officials, after 39 years of installing DFL 158, which created the current ULS Statute. " Likewise, it invited all AAULS AF members to participate and commit to building the new institutional framework for the only university in the State of Chile in the Coquimbo Region.

The Association of Academics of the University of La Serena is made up of about 140 academics and was created in 1996. On this occasion they participated in this instance via Zoom, academics from the four Faculties of the University of La Serena, in addition to the Executive Board of CEULS.