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UCT Meeting 1

The instance addressed different actions of student support in this contingency period.

With the aim of complying with its operational programming and helping to optimize support for the student community at the University of La Serena, the team from the APRENDE and PACE ULS programs managed a meeting of good accompaniment practices with professionals from the Catholic University from Temuco (UCT).

The health crisis that is affecting the country has caused the processes that were normal for society to change abruptly, from work routines, health, social and also educational, the accompaniment work in higher education not being the exception. It is for this reason that generating links with other higher education institutions has been fundamental for the higher education institution and, in this way, rethinking the actions of programs such as PACE and APRENDE ULS.

UCT Meeting 2In this regard, the Executive Director of the APRENDE and PACE ULS Programs, Mg. Viviana Romero, expressed her gratitude to the representatives of the different units and programs of the UCT, for sharing their experience on accompaniments in tertiary education and specified: “We must continue to advance, giving solid foundations to the path that we are forging as a university, our The objective is to continue expanding the accompaniments and continue advancing in the accessibility of these supports for the student community, adapting ourselves to this new reality. I want to thank the professionals who had their time, to give us their work experiences, for our team it is very valuable to know the reality of one of the first higher education institutions to implement support actions in higher education, since they are a benchmark for other university campuses ”.

On the other hand, the Director General of the UCT Inclusion and Accompaniment Unit, Rodrigo Del Valle, stated: "For us as DGIA of the UCT it was an excellent experience to have the virtual visit of the team of the APRENDE and PACE accompaniment programs of the University de la Serena. This for two main reasons. First, because collaboration between universities is one of the things that can most enhance our work, and improve the contribution that universities make to society with a public mission, showing in this particular case This can also happen at a distance. Second, because we are together in the great and beautiful task of continuing to make way in higher education for true inclusion understood from its various fields. I am convinced that more inclusion is more educational quality for everyone, and in that context, the workday was very valuable and productive. "

The issues that were addressed in the instance, were hand in hand with the new current panorama, reconfiguring the actions of the units and programs of the Catholic University of Temuco and University of La Serena to face the new challenges facing this health crisis and work remote. In this regard, the Director of Academic and Socio-emotional Accompaniment UCT, Josselinne Toirkens, expressed: “One of our concerns is not to neglect our students, we are referred to cases of young people who are infected with Covid-19 who need accompaniment and we have complex situations, which they escape from the educational; the boys arrive for not being able to concentrate for a test and you realize that they present serious problems. Therefore, we attend to all kinds of cases, as we are also more flexible in our procedures since the contingency began. ”

It is expected to continue with these meetings between the IES support programs in the near future, with the aim of generating ties and sharing knowledge for higher education students.

Written by Daniel Aguayo, APRENDE ULS and PACE ULS Programs.