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The platform is organized in 3 areas: transversal skills, vocational guidance and access to higher education.

Since last June 08, it is available to the 12 educational establishments that are part of the Accompaniment and Access to Higher Education (PACE) program of the University of La Serena, the virtual platform called Aula PEM, a space developed by the area team of Preparation in Secondary Education (PEM).

The platform contains a series of virtual and interactive workshops aimed at 3rd and 4th grade students, which can be carried out autonomously, according to the times and rhythms of each one. In this regard, the PEM Coordinator, Jovanna González, expressed: “We have thought of this platform as a virtual meeting place for educational establishments in the Coquimbo Region, which are part of the PACE program of the University of La Serena during this emergency period. sanitary ”.

Aula PEM is organized in 3 areas: transversal skills, vocational guidance and access to higher education, in which students will be able to find modules whose workshops will be released gradually, to reinforce skills such as critical thinking and autonomous learning, while the vocational guidance area will focus on self-knowledge and the construction of a life project. In addition, it has material available for parents and guardians, so that the family can also accompany the students in their vocational exploration process.

The PEM PACE ULS Classroom is an option so that students can, in this complex period of pandemic, stay connected and participate in the accompaniment process offered by the PACE ULS program, being a complement to the work that educational establishments are doing day by day for contributing to the psychosocial well-being of students.

When consulting the program team about the measures that are being taken, regarding students with connectivity problems, the Psychoeducational and Vocational Guidance Officer PEM PACE ULS, Juan Pablo Fajardo, stated: “We are already thinking about strategies to those who have difficulties accessing the Internet and in actions in coordination with the psychosocial teams of the educational establishments that are part of our program, therefore, this is one of several actions that we will carry out together, as well as prioritizing addressing mental health of the students in this period of sanitary emergency ”.

Written by Daniel Aguayo, APRENDE ULS and PACE ULS Programs.