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The day given for the four faculties of the ULS, was in charge of the Office of Distance Education and was coordinated by the Teaching Improvement Unit.

Last Friday, June 12, the UMD and the OED (Office of Distance Education) held an induction day that aimed to publicize the operation of the new institutional platform MiClase, a tool that will allow teachers, generate audiovisual content quickly and safely without having to download additional programs.

Likewise, MiClase will facilitate the storage of your videos for later sending to your students, or the publication of the material on other websites, such as the Moodle institutional platform.

During the induction, the teachers had the opportunity to enter the platform, learn about its content and operation, in addition to making a test recording.

The platform has 3 options: screen recording, screen recording and teacher image or, teacher recording explaining content. It is recommended to use the second option (screen recording accompanied by the teacher's image) to make the learning experience more humanized.

Regarding the induction, the Coordinator of the Distance Education Office, MTI Humberto Farías, pointed out that “the induction to our MiClase platform leaves us with a pleasant feeling in relation to the reception of the academics who participated in her. MiClase seeks to support asynchronous distance teaching and in this sense it was valued by those attending the induction ”.

The professional added that "the interest raised validated the need of the Institution to have a technological platform that allows academics to independently generate multimedia resources that can be shared with their students. Given the interest of the public, another instance of induction will be held on July 3, with the aim of continuing to train more teachers of our Institution in this new technological platform. ”

Likewise, the teacher from the Department of Social Sciences, Dr. Fabián Araya, commented: "I consider the effort made by the University and specifically by the Office of Distance Education to create the MiClase platform to be very relevant. With it we can record videos and audiovisual materials to make our classes more attractive and work asynchronously with the students. I found the platform very friendly, it requires little work time. I liked the platform dissemination workshop, coordinated by the UMD, because it integrated practical aspects that allowed us carry out exercises and immediately solve the doubts that arose to us. It is a great contribution to remote classes in time of pandemic at ULS ".

The Teaching Improvement Unit will be in charge of bringing the MiClase Platform closer to the academic community. This is why new instances of work will be managed and, if required, advice to those who need it. In this sense, the UMD and the OED have proposed to develop new instances of socialization of the platform in the coming weeks.