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Editorial Workshops

The students are professionals and teachers from the Municipal Corporation Gabriel González Videla, who meet once a week through digital platforms.

The first training cycle dictated by the Editorial Universidad de La Serena to teachers and managers CRA (Learning Resources Center) of different municipal schools in La Serena, belonging to the Municipal Corporation Gabriel González, was cataloged as a pleasant and useful experience. Videla, carried out during the year 2019. It is for this reason that during this 2020 a second training cycle has begun for a new group of 18 professionals, which will delve into how to use the story from teaching, in the daily work within the classroom, as a normal and natural practice.

During this training, the participants will learn a variety of stories, from different parts of the world, with different messages and meanings, for different purposes, in addition to identifying and finding stories in the course of their own lives and in the daily life in which they move.

In this regard, the manager of the ULS Publishing, Alejandro Abufom, stressed that "with this training we seek that teachers can experience that, through stories, anecdotes, even jokes, you can have a better and richer pedagogical experience Historically, tales, fables and stories have been par excellence an effective way to transmit knowledge. We are not inventing anything, just focusing on it. "

For her part, Lucía Bolados, as part of the coordination from the Municipal Corporation Gabriel González Videla, thanked the University of La Serena for carrying out this second cycle. "The idea is to continue with this type of training, it must be said, they are free for us, of a very good level, and I thank you for trusting, for investing your time with the attendees as well. Here we are part

The ULS Publishing and Bookstore, which is part of the Directorate of Linkage with the Medium and Extension (DIVEULS), proposes a collaborative work with this initiative, reflective and in alliance, with educational entities in the region, responding to the needs detected in community. Part of the work of the University is to support the teaching work, through different pedagogical tools that strengthen and complement their work in the classroom.

This training includes six work sessions and is developed through a participatory methodology in a digital way, through the Zoom platform, and is led by the professional of the ULS Publishing and Library and a diploma in cultural mediation and reading promotion, Olga Sáez.

Written by Jenifer Araya, DIVEULS