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Santiago, June 24, 2020

As of today, in the context of the monthly session of CUECH, the election of the board of directors that will direct this entity for the next two years was held. On this occasion, the rectors of the state universities unanimously re-elected Rector Ennio Vivaldi as President of the Corporation, recognizing the outstanding work that Vivaldi has carried out in order to consolidate the state university system as a benchmark of educational quality, as well as highlight their role as public institutions serving the country and each of its regions.

In this same instance, the rectors Celso Arias of the University of Atacama and Alberto Martínez of the Arturo Prat University were integrated into the directory.

In this way, the CUECH Directory for the period from June 2020 to June 2022, was made up of the Rectors Ennio Vivaldi of the University of Chile, Álvaro Rojas of the University of Talca, Óscar Garrido of the University of Los Lagos, Celso Arias de the University of Atacama and Alberto Martínez, from the Arturo Prat University.

From CUECH they highlighted the role that the University of Chile has played, through the Rector Vivaldi, in order to always put the interest of the state universities as a whole, defending their mission, and thus achieving the effective construction of a State University System: “Rector Vivaldi has tirelessly dedicated himself to working for the recovery of public education in our country, and consequently, from his position as President of the Consortium of State Universities, he has led a transformation unprecedented that has led these institutions to work collaboratively, forming a system that allows multiplying the contribution that each university makes throughout our country "

After the vote, recognition was given to the work of the rectors Luis Alberto Loyola, from the University of Antofagasta and Juan Manuel Zolezzi, from the University of Santiago, after their valuable participation in the board of directors, in recent years.

Likewise, the Consortium of Universities of the State of Chile recognized the work carried out by the former president of CUECH and former vice president of CRUCH, Mr. Aldo Valle, who is leaving his post as Rector of the University of Valparaíso, as of this end. of month.

For CUECH, Rector Valle leaves a historical legacy in the defense of state universities and their role as quality institutions, pluralistic, inclusive and essential for the development of the country.