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The activity of the Office of Follow-up of Graduates and the Legal Clinic of the Law degree was carried out online and was attended by graduates, students and the community in general.

A new initiative is being carried out by the ULS Graduate Monitoring Office to keep in touch with its target audience and deliver important information that has been updated in recent months, such as the issue of labor law. On this occasion, in a joint collaboration with the Legal Clinic of the Law degree, a seminar was held where they learned about fundamental aspects of Chilean labor regulations applicable to the year 2020 in relation to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The attendees delved into segments of the Chilean labor regulations related to contracts, settlements, employment protection and telework, in addition to the main challenges and transformations of the Chilean labor context on the occasion of the contingency, at the same time that it was transformed into a space for consultations specific regarding particular situations of the assistants.

With these types of instances, both units of the higher studies house seek that the graduates of the University of La Serena, in addition to the students with an exit profile, strengthen their job skills, along with knowing and understanding the characteristics of the work environment that are being developed today at the national level.

Rodrigo Davanzo, coordinator of the Graduate Monitoring Office, referred to the activity and invited for the next activity aimed at employers in alliance with the ULS. “For us as a Graduate Monitoring Office, it is extremely important to be able to generate these collaboration spaces with the Legal Clinic to transmit and publicize the current labor market situation in the country, so that our current and future graduates are at Both of the rights and duties of the existing employment relationship between employers and professionals. It is for the above that we leave employers and entrepreneurs invited to the following talk to be held on Friday 26, registering on the page of egresados.userena.cl and be part of our Liaison Network for Employability and be aware of these news and services ”.

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Written by Jenifer Araya, DIVULS