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In this online event, the Director of DirCom, Mg. Carola Espinoza, and the Director of the Department. of Architecture, Dr. Alejandro Orellana.

The Director of Strategic Communication, Carola Espinoza, and the Director of the Department. of Architecture of the U. de La Serena, Alejandro Orellana, were invited to present at the Online Seminar "Linking with the Environment in times of pandemic. Sharing good practices of educational institutions in Chile", organized by the Sustainable Campus Network of which the Andrés Bello University is part of.

In the online modality activity, the Director of DirCom ULS presented: "Link from the essence: be, do and say consistently", a presentation with which she reported on the way in which institutional strategic communication has acted as a tool to put into relationship to the university community among themselves and with the environment, aligned with their identity.

"In times of crisis, the temptation is to communicate in order to take advantage of the public appearance at all costs. In this way, we communicate what we are not, what we do not believe and we appear before being. We at DirCom ULS have worked to avoid falling into that game, having as an ethical framework the consistency between being, doing and saying. Therefore, our priority communication efforts have been to share knowledge that improves people's lives in a context of pandemic, bringing health recommendations and physical and emotional well-being, facilitating access to cultural and artistic assets, providing educational resources to parents with school-age sons and daughters or inviting the community to appreciate and care for the sky, one of the main resources in the area. We are working to connect institutional capacities with the needs of the community, through friendly, rigorous, useful and relevant communications, "explains the professional.

While Dr. Alejandro Orellana exposed "Interdiscipline to attend to the urgency", where he gave details of the C19-ULS-3D + project, an action by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of La Serena which, by way of chain of solidarity, has allowed the manufacture with 3D printing technology of facial shields for health personnel in the region in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emerged from a group of academics, officials and students, the C19-ULS-3D + initiative brought together the will to collaborate, knowledge and coordination of multiple disciplines that, from their experience, allowed innovation in the design of shields, their validation by health authorities, management of the requirements of health institutions, dissemination of the initiative and implementation of distribution logistics.

“To date, more than 5.000 face shields have been delivered and other parallel initiatives such as connectors, masks and a prototype mechanical respirator have been developed. Based on this case, the role and importance of interdisciplinary work for the success of initiatives related to the environment are analyzed, especially in emergency conditions and operational difficulties, "said Alejandro Orellana in his presentation.

Different universities, institutes and technical training centers participated in this seminar, whose representatives presented their experiences implementing activities, programs and projects of Linkage with the Environment, in the context of this health crisis caused by COVID-19.

Written by Gonzalo Lozano, DirCom