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Research Methodology Seminar

The sessions sought to provide academics with tools to better face the challenge of writing an article.

Academics and professionals from the four Faculties of the University of La Serena, participated in the Research Methodology Seminar, organized by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Postgraduate Studies.

The objective of the seminar was to provide academics with tools on the techniques of information collection and data analysis from both a qualitative and quantitative approach, in order to better face the challenge of writing an article.

The Vice-rector for Research and Postgraduate, Dr. Eduardo Notte Cuello, stated that “it is important to encourage teaching research, especially when academics, in general, are specialists in disciplinary areas and are not necessarily specialists in teaching as such. The VIPULS in order to contribute to this, has managed this academic writing course, which to date has been taught in three versions, and now this seminar on research methodology is complementing this course. We also plan for July an advanced level course in academic writing ”.

The Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies also valued the response of the academics to these conferences, translated into great attendance in all three versions of the course and recognized Dr. Haylen Perines “for the excellent disposition and commitment as rapporteur of the academic writing course , and now together with Dr. Marcelo Jaque as rapporteurs of the Seminar, whom I also thank for his work. "

The Seminar included a module on qualitative content, which addressed techniques for collecting qualitative information, selection criteria for participants, relevance of informed consent, analysis of qualitative information, first steps to analyze qualitative information; by Dr. Haylen Perines Véliz, academic and researcher at the Multidisciplinary Institute of Science and Technology of the University of La Serena.

"In the 3 academic writing courses we received the suggestion to deliver tools related to the research methodology and in this context this seminar was organized. In the part that I was a reporter, we focused on the foundations of qualitative methodology, in some of its techniques and information analysis. I think the participants were satisfied, they were involved and I hope I have answered most of their queries, "said Dr. Haylen Perines Véliz.

The quantitative content module was in charge of Dr. Marcelo Jaque Arancibia, researcher at the Research and Development Directorate of the University of La Serena, who developed topics related to the foundations of descriptive statistics; variable types; central position measurements, non-central position, dispersion measurements; asymmetry and kurtosis; frequencies; Cronbach's alpha and factor analysis.

“It is important to support collaborative and multidisciplinary work within our institution. I believe that this type of workshop is consolidating this way of developing research and how to relate to the interior of the institution. These practices will undoubtedly contribute to the sustained increase that the University of La Serena has had in scientific productivity, having a direct impact on the community ”, explained Dr. Marcelo Jaque Arancibia.

Written by Sergio Muñoz, Office of Outreach and Dissemination of Science and Technology