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Academics from the Food Engineering Department of the University of La Serena, seek to open new opportunities for the development of marine bioproducts.

The use of by-products, project opportunities, technological support and new lines of process were discussed at the Webinar "Development of Cuttlefish Bioproducts", within the framework of the Innovation Fund for Competitiveness project, FIC-r, "Calamar Giant: Development of Bioproducts ”.

Academics from the Food Engineering Department of the University of La Serena, develop this project, which seeks to open new opportunities for the development of these marine products, aiming to turn them into strategic assets for the region.

Dr. Ronny Martínez, academic from the Department of Food Engineering at ULS and Project Director, highlighted the development of the conference and emphasized that “it is critical to the long-term success of these initiatives, to be able to share the results and experiences with the community, generating points of interaction between the various actors and stakeholders who can continue to apply the results we have obtained in this project ”

The University of La Serena leads a project focused on the study of uses of the by-products of the cuttlefish resource, focused on identifying and evaluating four possible uses: oil extraction, collagen and gelatin extraction, the generation of hydrolyzates and the use of enzymes present in the animal's viscera.

The conference aroused an important interest, which was developed within the framework of the "Giant Squid: Development of Bioproducts" project, financed by the Coquimbo Regional Government and supported by the Corfo MásMar program.

Ailyn Rojas, entrepreneur, Master in Environmental Sciences PhD in Sustainable Environmental Sciences University of Tsukuba, Japan, noted that the activity shared important knowledge and experiences for the development of bioproducts from fish waste in the region and "motivated processors and entrepreneurs , to get involved in the development and production of bioproducts, demonstrating that they have great economic potential in the market. "

For his part, Mario Suárez, Coordinator of the Innovation Fund for regional competitiveness, stated that "for Mayor Lucia Pinto one of the main focuses of his management is to generate a knowledge economy and this is achieved with this initiative, in the which the academy develops a research that can be applied by the cuttlefish producers, which would allow to deliver added value to their production, improve sales prices and decrease the waste generated in the industry, enabling the generation of a circular economy in the regional fishing industry, since in addition, these results obtained with cuttlefish can be applied to other products of said industry. "

Written by Sergio Muñoz, Office for the Dissemination and Diffusion of Science and Technology