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The instance is due to a joint work with the Teaching Direction, Faculty of Engineering, Direction of School of Architecture and the Student Center of the race.

With the aim of knowing the time that the students dedicate to the various curricular activities in the semester, the Directorate of the School of Architecture, together with the Faculty of Engineering, the Teaching Directorate and the Student Center of the race, developed 2 questionnaires: one for teachers and one for students.

These instruments will allow knowing the amount of time (in chronological hours) that students have dedicated and should dedicate to curricular activities during the semester.

There will be 3 estimation instances, on July 31 and August 14 and 28. In them, the teachers and students of the Architecture degree must access their profile on the Phoenix ULS platform with their institutional email and password, and answer the corresponding questionnaires.

Likewise, the Academic Load Estimation Process for students and teachers will provide input for decision-making in the curriculum renewal process in which the degree is located.

Written by DIDOC Communications