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August Masterclasses

This time around, the studio will focus on stringed instruments such as the violin, viola, and cello.

Four new online classes, at no cost, is what the University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra is preparing for the month of August. This is the second section of the Cycle of Master Classes from home that is part of the annual cast of the cast called 'A season like no other'. The pedagogical proposal seeks that music students, teachers of the area and self-taught people who enjoy music, can connect with the orchestra to learn and expand their knowledge for a good performance of the instruments.

Classes are held every Wednesday at 17:30 p.m., via Zoom, with prior registration of active participants (3) and listeners through the website of the professional group. To date, the mentioned educational instance has managed to reach approximately 120 students, coming from different cities and countries of the continent; Those who seek to share what they know, clear doubts and acquire new knowledge in a pleasant work environment, respect and learning.

In the first instance, during the month of July, the study focused on the one hand on brass and wind instruments such as the French horn, trumpet and flute; to finish the first cycle of master classes from home with the study of percussion. During the month of August, this activity will be extended to the family of strings such as the violin, viola and cello; by the orchestral leaders of the orchestra.

According to the calendar, the curtain will open next Wednesday 5 with the cello teaching in the hands of the musician Diego Álvarez Barra; to then continue on the 12th with violin lessons with Cecilia Olmos Pujado; Polyana Brehmer Olivares will be in charge of instructing active students and listeners in the viola on the 19th; while, Paulina Elgueta Castillo and Leonardo Godoy Sepúlveda will be the ones to finish this great educational-musical series on the 21st and 26th of said month.

Call success

The Cycle of Master Classes brought together participants from different cities of the country, with representation in Calama, San Pedro de Atacama, Copiapó, Coquimbo, La Serena Santiago and Puerto Varas; in addition, from students from Brazil and Guatemala. Last Wednesday, July 29, the percussion class was conducted by the musician Pablo Pallero King, which brought together about 40 participants.

One of them was Luis Balcazar Opazo de Copiapó, a 4th-grade student at the Liceo de Música in that region, who was encouraged to perform part of a work, which was later listened to carefully by the course and analyzed by maestro Pallero: “ I found this class very helpful and educational. Personally, it helped me a lot to correct and to have more information on how to better interpret the piece, highlighting the special way the teacher Pablo teaches it, "said the young man; adding that these types of activities are “a great way to reach more people in the community; besides being able to have valuable information because it helps a lot to share ideas and to be able to nourish more the information that one already has. Also, being in these spaces allows us to meet more people who have the same taste for music and that it is free, it is a great help for all of us here. Thank you very much and congratulations for the creation of these instances ”, he emphasized.

Milenka Ramírez Torres, is a member of the Guayacán Children's Chamber Orchestra and commented that this class “seems to me a very good initiative because it allows us to have the possibility to continue learning despite the health situation we are in. Due to the pandemic I have not managed to have many classes with my teacher; for this reason, participating in this intervention is very good for me, it helps me to know techniques and correct mistakes that I usually make ”, she commented after finishing the virtual class.

The aforementioned educational cycle, like the rest of the 2020 season, is carried out online due to the health contingency and it is possible to carry it out thanks to the support and financing of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage; being part of the Network of Professional Regional Orchestras since 2016. In addition, the important financing provided by the University of La Serena.

Enrollment for the August classes is now open. Those who wish to participate as active students (3) or listeners, should only enter www.sinfonicalaserena.cl and complete the form found in the 'Online Classes' tab. More information on the calendar of activities for the 2020 season can be found by following the cast on their social networks, such as Fanpage: @Orquesta Sinfónica Universidad de La Serena, Instagram @sinfonicalaserena and Twitter @sinfonicaLS. They can also review their educational capsules or relive their seasonal concerts on the YouTube channel: La Serena Symphony

Written by Camila Pérez, University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra