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The site corresponds to one of the first 5 of its kind that is promoted by President Bachelet in its Educational Program, whose design, location and educational project should be defined by the end of this year.

One day after President Michelle Bachelet signed the agreements with the state universities for the construction of 5 Technical Training Centers, on Thursday 5 in June the first working table was established between the University of La Serena and the Regional Government of Coquimbo, to define the details of its implementation.

The University of La Serena is the entity sponsoring the project in the region. Its design, installation and educational project must be ready within a period of six months, for which they will work with a team of professionals from the same house of studies.

The Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, informed that a detailed programming of the entire process will begin to be detailed. "From the technical point of view, we will take charge of the formulation of the project that will include aspects such as: location, supply, labor field, among others. We will have to work considering the regional policies with a strong identification and linkage with the productive development, to generate a positive impact on students of high vulnerability with careers of quality and relevance ".

cft table 2The highest university authority also highlighted the proactivity of Mayor Hanne Utreras and her team to support the University and work together in the development of this regional CFT project.

Mayor Hanne Utreras, meanwhile, stressed being able to work with the University of La Serena, "with the prestige that this institution has and the impetus given to it by Rector Nibaldo Avilés," adding that "we made a tremendous effort to ensure that the region had its free and quality Technical Training Center. We have a tremendous challenge because we must be able to respond to academic needs, strengthen links between the productive sectors and give young people new opportunities for study. ''

To this, the Education Seremi Pedro Esparza added that "obviously there will be a significant expansion in the offer. But above all, the change will be in quality. We know that there are more CFTs, ​​but the quality is not the same, with the support of the University of La Serena it will be guaranteed that vulnerable young people can receive a superior higher education ".

The Technical Training Centers in regions correspond to one of the measures of President Bachelet's Educational project to expand the academic offer in the country, where the 40% of young people pursue a career at this level.

The Coquimbo Region is one of the 5 pilot regions, together with Valparaíso, Magallanes, Antofagasta and El Maule to specify this presidential measure.