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Science Sciences 2014 1

In addition to the conference of Dr. Adelio Matamala, the academic activity included the presentations of the researcher of the Department. of ULS Biology, Dr. Luis Castillo, the student of the Doctorate in Chemistry, Sebastián Pizarro, and the student of the Master in Astronomy, Daniela Olave.

In the Pentagon room of the Andres Bello Campus, the ceremony was held with which the Faculty of Sciences of the University of La Serena celebrated its 33 anniversary, an act in which he had as guest lecturer Dr. Adelio Matamala, dean of the Faculty of Cs. Chemists from the University of Concepción, who presented on the occasion about '' Molecular Structure: History and Future of Chemistry ''.

University authorities, headed by the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, the dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Gustavo Labbé, managers, academics and students of the macro-unit, were present in this academic activity that in addition to Dr. Matamala's lecture , contemplated the presentations of the academic and researcher of the Department. of Biology of the ULS, Dr. Luis Castillo B., the student of the Doctorate in Chemistry, Sebastián Pizarro, and the student of the Magister in Astronomy, Daniela Olave.

Science Sciences 2014 2"What better way to celebrate our anniversary than doing what we do best, that is, science; and in what way, spreading science, generating knowledge and forming advanced human capital, "said Dr. Gustavo Labbé during his speech, referring to the presentations of the day.

Subsequently, Dr. Adelio Matamala, who is also president of the Chilean Society of Chemistry and president of the Council of Deans of Faculties of Natural and Exact Sciences of CRUCH, addressed in his presentation the concept of Molecular Structure and how it has marked the history and will continue to mark the future of Chemistry, opening enormous opportunities for its work. '' I am convinced that Chemistry has much to contribute, both locally, nationally and also internationally. Chile is a country that has a lot of potential in this regard, "he said.

Along with a review of historical aspects, the invited lecturer referred to the elements to be taken into account for the progress of the Chemical Structure within the Chemistry in interaction with other disciplines such as Physics and Mathematics. '' A great challenge is how with all the way we have traveled, especially in the twentieth century and what we have been in the 21st century, to face the apparent simplicity already achieved for understanding chemistry in terms of molecular structure, based on In quantum mechanics, we can address the complexity problem. The world we live in is complex, how to go from this vision in which we already know how the basic elements behave, to be able to account for the countless particular cases of everyday life, "said Dr. Matamala, adding that some of the Problems to be addressed when working in complexity are referred to the scales used, the number of particles, the diversity of molecules, their distribution and interactions.

'' One of the challenges that we are going to have to face is how in the study of complexity we are going to have to do again what the Greeks had to do, not lose sight of that in the simple, but in the superposition or in the the connection of the simple elements, there is going to be this explanation of the complex, and that means creativity (...) is the investment in human capital, to rescue in our youth that creative talent is where we have to make the bet, "he said.

After this conference, Dr. Luis Castillo presented with '' Importance of glycosylation for virulence in pathogenic fungi of animals and plants ''; the student of the Doctorate in Chemistry, Sebastián Pizarro, with '' Cobalt in the Degradation of Pesticides ''; and the student of the Magister in Astronomy, Daniela Olave, with '' Clash of Galaxies: the before, the during and the after ''.