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inter 1 students

In a new experience, aimed at complementing their academic learning, last June 7, accompanied by their academics, foreign students who are doing exchange programs at the University of La Serena, made an excursion to interesting tourist and heritage sites of the Coquimbo Region.

The activities began with a visit to the impressive Archaeological Museum of Limarí, where they learned important background about the Diaguita culture and its remarkable presence in the area, guided attentively by its director, Daniela Serani.

Then they visited the interesting Model Fair of Ovalle, unique in the area, where they could see the great amount and diversity of fruits and vegetables that are offered in it. Several of the students were able to taste delicious fruits and tasty olives; also toured the premises of the Railway Museum that is in the same compound.

Then, at El Alero Restaurant, they tasted a very typical menu of the region, opportunity that they took advantage of to share anecdotes about the cultural differences between their countries of origin and ours.

inter 2 studentsBut, that was not all, young people from countries as diverse as Germany, Colombia, Denmark, Mexico and Romania, took this trip for a photo session in the Plaza de Armas de Ovalle, accompanied by a tender dog, which was transformed in part of the group.

Then they had a fantastic visit to the Valle del Encanto National Monument where they toured the trails led by Alex Ortiz. There they had fun going up and down the immense rocks of the place, they took photographs and they knew aspects of the life of the old inhabitants of the zone, that they left reflected in monumental petroglyphs, aspects of their life in the place. The visit to the place concluded with a tasty picnic.

At night the delegation went to Andacollo, where the cold prevailed surprised everyone. There they started the climb to the Collowara Observatory, a really interesting place, where they learned about the Universe and where they could see the beautiful image of Saturn and the Moon, with an absolutely clear sky.

In the opinion of the coordinator of the International Relations Office of the ULS, Mg. Dietmut Graeff, "This was a fantastic program through which the students saw another part of the Chilean culture that is neither in the books nor on the Internet, managing to experience part of the rich tradition of the Coquimbo Region and the country. that for them it is becoming a particular experience. ''