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The activity that was led by the Rector of the house of higher studies, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, and the manager of the Foundation, Manuel Farías, aims to coordinate the presentation of an energy efficiency project to apply for the 2014 call for Conventions of Performance for the Regional Universities.

In the framework of the preparation activities of a PMI project, the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, held a working meeting with the manager of the Minera Los Pelambres Foundation, Manuel Farías, which aimed to coordinate the presentation of an energy efficiency initiative to apply for the 2014 call for Performance Agreements, in line with the Institutional Improvement Plan for the Regional Universities.

As pointed out by Rector Aviles, "through this initiative seeks to strengthen an alliance that existed many years ago, as well as in this opportunity, contribute to the sustainable, social and productive development of the Coquimbo Region, strengthening the collaborative work of the ULS with the actors of the regional territory, through the management of networks, education, dissemination and transfer of knowledge associated with energy efficiency and the establishment of a sustainable relationship with the environment ".

For his part, the manager of Fundación Minera Los Pelambres, Manuel Farias, said that "this meeting allowed, from the interests of both institutions, to visualize a framework of much broader and synergistic relationship for the interests of the University and the efforts mining companies to improve their productivity and support regional development ".

2 hair gatheringMeanwhile, the Director of Institutional Studies and Planning of the ULS, Dr. © César Espíndola, explained that "in the field of Teaching, this project aims to grant a specific seal of formation of our students, so that they can respond to the needs current and future development of the regional and national territory ".

In addition, in the scientific and technological field, it seeks to integrate the existing capacities in the University, through the formation of multi and interdisciplinary working groups that can develop research and / or prototypes of technological solutions for specific problems of the territory in the areas already mentioned. ; while in the field of linking with the environment, this initiative seeks to position the ULS as a reference agent and promoter of a culture of sustainability and efficiency in the use of our limited natural resources.

It should be noted that in this initiative are working academics from the various faculties and departments of the University.

The director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Ricardo Castillo, and Dr. Nelson Moraga also participated in this work meeting.