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English ped workshop

The initiative was developed in Liceo Gregorio Cordovez de La Serena and seeks to generate a first approach of students to professional work.

As part of their academic training, students in the second year of the Pedagogy in English course at the University of La Serena, carry out workshops at schools of the Gregorio Cordovez High School in La Serena, within the framework of the subject Educational Psychology.

During five years the course and in particular the subject, given by the academic Viviana Romero, carries out these workshops, in a systematic way, as a first approach of the students of Pedagogy in English to professional work.

The workshops, organized and coordinated by the guide of the establishment, Silvia Araya, are designed for students from 7º to 4º medio, structured in three sessions with specific themes of academic motivation, study habits, life project and vocational interests. The workshops are approached with practical activities in the classroom and reflective sessions.

"Through these workshops, we have the possibility to generate a high commitment of future professional teachers with work in municipal schools, and is also part of the mission of the University of La Serena, to promote the social responsibility of our students "Said academic Viviana Romero.