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The diplomat appreciated the work done by the University and its Extension Office in the development of the "Thailand 2014 Roadshow".

In a meeting held in the premises of the Extension Center of the University of La Serena, the Ambassador of Thailand in Chile, Surapon Petch-Vra, and the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro, expressed their interest to strengthen ties and continue developing joint activities such as the "Thailand 2014 Roadshow", an initiative whose purpose is to make the culture of this country known to the community.

"To strengthen ties between the people of Thailand and La Serena and for mutual understanding, it was decided to redevelop the Roadshow activity in this city, just as it was done years ago," the Thai ambassador said. that "culture serves to bring people closer, despite geographical distances."

visit-ambassador-thailand 2In addition, the diplomat valued the work done by the University and its Extension Directorate in the development of this activity, presented with great success in various cities of the country, and which considers demonstrations of Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and Thai Massage, in addition of typical food tasting and Thai cinema exhibition.

In this sense, the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, thanked the ambassador for having entrusted the University to organize this important cultural meeting, noting that "as ULS we have special interest in being able to show and spread the culture of the East . That is why we are at your disposal so that the community of La Serena and Chileans in general can know their culture through various activities, which we hope can continue to be carried out jointly. "

The meeting between the ambassador of Thailand in Chile and the highest university authority, ended with the delivery by the diplomat of texts on various topics on Thailand