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rector campus garmendia

The actions will be adjusted to a Protocol of Action that allows in the future to implement contingency procedures before the announcement of precipitations.

Within the framework of the development of a plan to improve the current conditions of the offices of the Architecture career after the flooding of the Campus Enrique Molina Garmendia, product of the intense rain that occurred two weeks ago and that affected the entire surrounding area. Route 5 North intersection Av. Amunátegui, was developed again in the field, a meeting to evaluate the progress of the measures adopted last week.

From this meeting, which was attended by the Rector of the ULS Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, senior authorities, managers and students, he proposed to implement new actions to address the floods in the Campus, within which they are in the immediate, enable a team of 6 to 8 pumps for the extraction of water, the acquisition of a stock of sandbags to build a barrier that mitigates the entry of water, a work of revision and cleaning of the water drainage ducts, in addition to a second sanitization to all the dependencies and furniture, obtaining the proper certification.

Likewise, the visit of a risk preventionist that assesses the habitability conditions of the affected units will be specified.

On the other hand, the Services Department will have cleaning staff to support the cleaning of workshops during the rainy season.

The plan also includes the installation of porcelain in the three affected classrooms, in the offices of academics and administrative staff.

In the medium term, to prevent the waters from the Amunategui Hub from entering the Enrique Molina Garmendia Campus, a perimeter wall will be built for the enclosure, and an Action Protocol will be drawn up that includes the measures to be adopted and their respective responsible for implementing the contingency plan against bad weather fronts.

At the same time, it will be requested jointly with the others affected by the sector, the public bodies in charge of this matter, the realization of an adequate drainage for the area, in the context of the construction of the double track.

In the long term, the transfer of the Architecture career to another Campus should be contemplated, for which it is necessary to start preparing the project that allows applying to regional funds for its financing.

Further details and the execution deadlines of these measures are being defined by the Services Department, in coordination with the Teaching Directorate, units that will deliver the respective information on Wednesday 25 of June, to the interested parties, generating periodic meetings to analyze the advances and alternative solutions to this problem.