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direct regional water

The institution was represented by the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, who at the meeting expressed the importance for the University of participating in this initiative inserted in the Regional Development Strategy.

With the assistance of Senator Adriana Muñoz and Mayor Hanne Utreras, the Fifth Session of the Regional Directorate of Water was held in the Prat Hall of the Intendance, an initiative born from the Regional Productive Development Corporation, whose manager is Cristian Sáez-, with the objective of installing a Public-Private institutionality that proposes the guidelines agreed with the actors involved, to face the aridity condition of the Coquimbo Region.

On the occasion, the University of La Serena, member of the board of directors, was represented by its Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, who emphasized the importance for the institution of being part of this type of initiative. The authority also stressed that this consideration lies in the positioning that the institution has achieved in the context of its link with the environment and development of research and innovation.

Within the framework of the Fifth Session, the main milestones were addressed since the constitution of this Board of Directors at 2012, among which were the creation of the Board of Directors, the approval of the work plan and the constitution of the management team.

The opportunity was briefly reviewed by the objectives of this instance, emphasizing the strategic areas within which is improving the efficiency of water demand, improve the efficiency of the current supply network, increase the supply of water, preserve water quality and practice the care of the water resource.

Also on the occasion, details of the status of progress of the Study to Prepare the Regional Strategy for Water Resources by Basin 2014-2030, which seeks to develop detailed short-term planning (2014-2018) and long-term planning ( 2018-2030). In this context, it is expected to obtain baseline by basin, strategic guidelines and short and long-term planning, where the opportunity lies in developing an instrument for prioritizing public and private investment in water resources, as well as enhancing governance. of the watersheds.

Another of the initiatives presented at this meeting was the progress of a comparative technical-economic study of the installation between a desalination plant and a purified water reuse plant, with the idea of ​​developing a comparative analysis to know the technical-economic feasibility of the installation of a desalination plant for seawater and one for the reuse of treated water.

At the same time, a study of integrated water resources management models for the basins of the provinces of Elqui, Limarí and Choapa, and a Program for dissemination and technology transfer in matters of water efficiency and alternative non-conventional renewable energies are being carried out.

Within the framework of this Directory, the 2014 Work Plan was proposed, highlighting the holding of national and international seminars, fairs and forums, creation of expert committees, technological missions and the development of new programs, projects and studies aligned with the objectives of the Regional Water Directory.

Among the challenges, it was decided to promote and accelerate public and private investment in innovation projects in surface and underground water management, to move quickly in the construction of the Regional Water Resources Strategy for the 2014-2030 Basin, to continue strengthening the integrated watershed management with all relevant stakeholders, improve governance competencies by basin and the user organizations that compose it, propose legal and regulatory changes that are necessary and have resources to accelerate strategies and proposed solutions.