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The objective of this initiative was to provide details of the procedures developed to coordinate the implementation of this regulation at the institutional level, and that all those who are able to qualify for retirement and meet the requirements, can do so by having access to the benefits stipulated by the Law.

With the aim of informing about the steps taken for the institutional implementation of Article 9 of the Law N ° 20.374 of Incentive to Retirement, the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, met with the directives of the Associations of Academics and Officials of the House of Higher Studies respectively.

The purpose of these meetings was to provide details of the procedure that the institution has carried out to make it possible for officials of retirement age and who meet the requirements, to access the benefits stipulated in the current Law and the steps to continue about it.

On the occasion, Rector Avilés emphasized that "our objective is that all those people who have reached their full age and wish to qualify for retirement within the framework of this Law, can do so with the support of the institution, for which we are working with the idea that all of them can access the benefits. " In addition, the Rector added that "the procedure will be duly informed in all its stages through the Vice-Rectory of Economic and Administrative Affairs".

2 academic associationThe president of the Association of Academics, Luis Palma, said they hope to have information on each of the steps involved in this process, with the aim of transferring them to our members who are able to receive the benefits of this Act.

On the other hand, the president of the Association of Civil Servants of the ULS, Cecilia Hernández, stressed that this procedure is very important for University officials who meet the requirements, since they could access the benefits set out in Law No. 20.374 and that the enactment of this Decree would also satisfy the requirements of the new process that is being promoted jointly with the organizations FENAFUECH, ATUE, ANEF, CUT, among others at the national level.

It should be noted that both meetings were also attended by the Vice Chancellor for Economic and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Marcela Aguirre, the General Secretary, M.Sc. Sergio Zepeda, the legal advisors Elizabeth Escobar and Julio Landaeta and the members of the directives of both associations.