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This initiative is part of the Academic Talent Development Program of the Department of Mining of the House of Higher Studies.

Two outstanding students of the Civil Engineering of Mines at the University of La Serena, are participating from this 7 in July at the Summer School of Mining Engineering, which is held every year at the AGH University of Science and Technology. Poland.

The students are Jorge Cortés Campaña and Pablo Ferreti Jorquera, who traveled to Krakow to attend this International School that will run until the 31 this month, allowing young people a valuable exchange of information and professional development.

"Attending the Summer School of Mining Engineering at the AGH University has been a rewarding experience, because we are not only learning new mining topics and reinforcing what we have learned at our University, but we can also share with different people and learn about its culture, we have Russian, Polish, Portuguese and Chinese partners, "commented Jorge Cortés from Krakow.

This initiative, which was sponsored by the mining company Mas Errázuriz, is part of the Academic Talent Development Program of the ULS Mining Engineering Department, which allowed four students from the school house to participate in this School in versions previous

In addition, the invitation received from Poland is based on a long academic cooperation between the U. de La Serena and the Polish university, where he carried out his postgraduate studies the current director of the Dept. of Ing. de Minas, Dr. Alfonso Carvajal, who explained that the Program "Development of academic and research capacities for outstanding students" is part of the Strategic Development Plan of this unit.

The person in charge of this initiative is the professor, Dr. Jorge Oyarzún M., who together with the Department's direction develops the links and contacts to carry out this program that corresponds to an instance of support to the best students of the last 2 years of the respective careers, in order to encourage their professional and vocational development for teaching and research.

Graduates in Canada

This is the case of 3 students of the Civil Engineering of Mines, nowadays graduates, who last year made their title memory and are currently in Canada.

students Poland 2One of them is Carlos Viejo Montenegro, who developed his title memorandum: "Design of PIT and mining plans for sulphide minerals of Compañía Minera del Norte (CMDN)" and now works in Fording River Operations, specifically in the Medium Term Area and Bussines Improvement, creating applications for Real Time Production optimization and tracking. First, the professional was working in the TECK Carmen de Andacollo mine and from there he was transferred to Canada.

He is joined by Nicole Jeria Konig, who is also working in the same company and made his title memory: "Simulation and optimization of the fragmentation and blasting parameters, through the information system of dispatch and photogranometric analysis, applied for the minimization of costs in the company Fording River, BC, Canada ".

Meanwhile, Sebastián Ibarra Gutiérrez, a fellow of Codelco Chile, developed his work of memory: "Study of pre-feasibility of application of methods of mechanical fragmentation without explosives in the development of galleries for the sinking of blocks in the Niobec Mine, Canada", connected with the Department of Mining Engineering of the University of Lavál, Canada. Sebastián, a fellow of Codelco Chile, obtained a tenure grant for 4 months through the Chile-Canada agreement. Currently, he is in that country pursuing his Doctorate and starting in September, he will begin field work in three mines. Meanwhile, it is in the stage of bibliographic search and preliminary study of the situation.

Support to scholars and attendance at events

In addition, the Academic Talent Development Program has allowed 4 students of the Environmental Civil Engineering career, apart from the DAAD scholarship for stays in Germany, to be supported with resources to cover part of the outward and return travel fares. return.

While 12 students of Civil Engineering and Eng. In Execution of Mines and Environmental Civil Engineering, have been able to attend Rocks Blasting congresses in Pucón, Santa Cruz and Buenos Aires (Argentina), and more than 150 students to the EXPOMIN in Santiago, whose latest version was attended by 20 students of Engineering Execution and 30 of Ing. Civil de Minas.