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The Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, was present in this successful exhibition that seeks the exchange of learning experiences among students at different levels of the career.

As it is a tradition at the end of the academic period of the first semester, the students belonging to the different levels of the Pedagogy in Nursery Education career of the University of La Serena, shared with the educational community their experiences of learning, reflexive and creative processes, developed from the theoretical and practical referents, allowing to know in part the process of professional training of the students.

The activity called "Sample of Integrated Learning" was held in the premises of the Campus Isabel Bongard and was attended by the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, the dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr. María Zúñiga, the director of the Dept. of Education, Mg. Bernardo Jopia, the director of the School of Education, Dr. Jorge Salgado, the coordinator of the career of Ped. in Parvularia Education, Yanola González, academics, students, students of the Providencia School and kindergartens of the U. de La Serena Nursery School.

In the opportunity, the maximum university authority and the assistants to the activity, could talk with the students, who gave relevant information on the precursors of the Nursery Education and the guides of group dynamics (I year); books for the stimulation of cognitive functions for infants (II year); the didactic resources for the initiation of sciences, mathematics and social personal training, and communication for kindergarten students of I Cycle; and the portfolios of the student - Integration of Knowledge in Practice of Ayudantía II, Evaluation and Didactic of Mathematics and Plastic Expression Handbook of Childhood I (III year).

There were also entertaining presentations of the Movement in Welfare, Motivation and Instrumental Interpretation, and there were exhibits on children's diaporamas and a photographic exhibition entitled "Looks of boys and girls".

learning nursery 2The papers presented in the day correspond to the subjects of Body Expression Workshop of Childhood, History of Nursery Education, Plastic Expression Handbook of Childhood I, Musical Expression III, Personal and psychodynamic development of human relationships, Development of emotional functions and Cognitive, Curricular Design in First Cycle, Practice of Assistant II and Professional Practice I, dictated by professors: Rodrigo Castillo, Johanna Cortés, Rossana Godoy, Yanola Gonzalez, Silvia Lopez de Maturana, Oriana Riquelme and Clara Tirado.

The coordinator of the career of Pedagogy in Nursery Education of the U. of La Serena, Yanola González, thanked the presence of Rector Avilés in this activity that "constitutes a space where students and teachers of different subjects, show the public the products of a set of reflective, critical, analytical, creation, trial-error and much study processes, because each of the materials shown has implicit theories behind (...). All this constitutes a space that during the semester, teachers and students have been living through these training experiences. We consider that it is timely and very necessary for the students to have a moment where they face the public and are able to show what they have learned, with the errors, the strengths and the weaknesses ".

Teaching Practices Seminar

The seminar also included the Seminar on Teaching Practices "Inquiry, knowledge and pedagogical proposals. Formation and concern of the future Párvulos Educator ", where the IV level students presented and analyzed the actions, incidents and knowledge constructed in the process.

In the activity presented by the academic, Mg. Clara Tirado, the students shared their experiences of internships at Saint John's School and San José, and in the kindergartens University of La Serena, Laboral Las Higueras and Los Papayitos, and community professional practices at OPD, CESFAM Santa Cecilia, among other organisms.

The teaching practice in Kindergartens and child care programs during the last year of the career is central to the initial formation of the future Párvulos Educator, there is constituted as an actor-educator with the subjects of education: kindergartens, their families, educational agents, territorial community.

That is why the objective of the Seminar was to contribute to the formation of the future Potato Educator of the University of La Serena, as a reflective, critical, proactive educator who, in dialogue with the context of his teaching practice, interpellates himself and the world of education analyzing, communicating the personal and social intentionality of its actions and proposals.

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