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The assistants could know the use that is currently given to different technologies at the service of the specialty, through instruments such as marching platforms and inertial systems, among others.

Students, academics, professionals and supplier companies gathered at the First Day of Kinesiology and Analysis of the Human Movement, organized by the Kinesiology career at the University of La Serena and which was supported by the Chilean School of Kinesiology, Doctor's Choice and BTL.

The attendees of the day developed in the CETECFI Auditorium, located in the Ignacio Domeyko Campus of the ULS, could know the use that is currently given to different technologies at the service of the specialty, through instruments such as marching platforms and inertial systems, among others.

Also, thanks to the participation of prominent speakers, it was possible to know the advances and trends associated with the diagnosis and treatment of different types of patients, through lectures: "Methods of Analysis of Human Movement (AMH)", by the kinesiologist James Sepúlveda of the Autonomous University of Chile; "Applications of inertial systems for Analysis of Human Movement", with the kinesiologist Edwin Contreras, academic of the University of La Serena; and "Measurement of indirect oxygen consumption", dictated by the kinesiologist Rodrigo Fuentes, professional Doctor's Choice.

In addition, during the day attendees participated in the conference "Update Therapy by Physical Agents. Waves of Shock ", with the kinesiologist Gonzalo Iglesias of BTL; "Clinical Posturology", with James Sepúlveda; and finally the conference "Applications of Platform of March", dictated by the kinesiologist Edwin Contreras.

day kine 2"This is a complementary activity to the training of our students," said Alfredo Gary, director of the Kinesiology career at the ULS, also stating that "we can see that there is an absolute interest of both our students and students of other study houses that accompany us, since we want knowledge to be massive. This type of meeting provides an enormous bonus for the first and second year students, who already face this type of equipment and the theoretical training it entails ".

This meeting, in which also participated the president of the College of Kinesiologists IV Region, Glenda Álvarez, and the dean of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of La Serena, Dr. Gustavo Labbé, seeks to be the beginning for the career of Kinesiology of the ULS, it is constituted, in addition, in a center of analysis of the movement, where it is possible to demonstrate the advances that the specialty in the world has, from our zone.

The First Kinesiology and Human Movement Analysis Conference was convened with the Kinesiology students of the ULS, students who are studying in other study centers in the Coquimbo Region and local professionals, who seek to improve and update their work. knowledge.

The second year student of Kinesiology at the University of La Serena, Nelly Rivera, said that "this is a very good initiative, because those of us who have Biomechanics in this semester, we could clearly understand what the speakers explained. In addition, in the ULS we have the opportunity to know the high-tech equipment and the data they provide and obviously this will serve as future professionals. "

For his part, Pablo Aravena, a third year student of Kinesiology at Inacap, valued the opportunity to strengthen his knowledge. "This is a good instance of motivation for young people who are in 1º and 2º year, with respect to what the career is, the empathy we must have with the patient, the scientific aspects and logical thinking, among other skills," he said. .

At the end of the day, the attendees expressed their satisfaction with this meeting, which is part of a cycle programmed for the Kinesiology course this year, a space for sharing knowledge, opening new opportunities for networking and creating networks among professionals in the area. , students and collaborating companies.

On the occasion, three teams of electroanalgesia and electrostimulation were raffled among the attendees.