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The activity included the realization of a Statistical Workshop, in charge of the academic, Dr. Carlos Navarrete.

A new Meeting of Graduates from the Mathematics and Computing Pedagogy course at the University of La Serena was held in the house of higher studies, with the participation of around twenty people.

From the 9: 30 hours, in the Department of Mathematics of the ULS they met with the objectives of developing an academic activity and coexistence of graduates with executives and academics, which would allow to know the progress of the career; In addition to updating knowledge and / or pedagogical resources of the teachers attending the meeting, in the axis of Data and Chance.

This is how the program included a reception and breakfast; welcome from the president of Graduates of the Race, Mg. Sergio Espinoza Contreras; Statistical Workshop by the academic of the Department of Mathematics, Dr. Carlos Navarrete Rojas; the annual meeting of the Alumni Center and a lunch.

Sergio Espinoza referred to the importance of continuing with this activity, which has been done for a period of 5 years; He thanked the Dept. of Mathematics, to the authorities of the race and, especially, to the teacher of the race, Dr. Carlos Navarrete, for the support given to their graduates.

Meanwhile, Dr. Navarrete held a workshop that included didactic guidelines for the teaching of statistics, presenting some experiences developed through the use of Excel computer software. During the workshop, the participating professors expressed their concerns and / or suggestions from their teaching experience.

In the annual meeting of the graduates, the current directive was ratified for the following period, giving way to the camaraderie lunch at the Central Casino of the University of La Serena.