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Cup 1 graduates

The meetings will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays, with the participation of graduates, graduates, undergraduate and post-graduate students of the corporation.

With a victory of the "Gatos Guatones" in front of "Física FC", the Baby Soccer Championship "ULS Titled Cup" started, organized by the Graduate Monitoring Office of the University of La Serena, whose work is part of the project Alma Mater ULS, which will be held until October's 8 at the Andrés Bello Campus of the institution.

The inaugural ceremony of the event was attended by university authorities, representatives of the sponsors, the 8 registered teams and the general public, who were able to witness the 1 and 2 groups draw live.

The G1 was the protagonist of the first day and was composed of "Physical FC", "Gatos Guatones", "Los Canallas" and Ágora "; while, the G2 saw the faces on Wednesday 20 of August and they integrate "Computación FC", "The Brazucas", "Toby's Club" and "Trapiche's Clan".

In the first match, the "Gatos Guatones" defeated "Física FC" by 9 to 6, with the goals of their goalscorer Jorge Cárdenas (4), Martín Rodríguez (3), Ronald Zambra (1) and Cristian Flores (1) . While Germán Torres, with 2 goals, and Camilo Muñoz, Christian Diaz, Erick Gómez and Braulio Lemus did the same for "FC Physics" with 1 scoring.

Cup 2 graduatesIn the second round, "Los Canallas" were imposed against "Ágora" by a score from 5 to 3, goals scored by Felipe Jara (2), Jorge Castillo (2) and Freddy Gálvez (1). For "Ágora" scored Rodrigo and Francisco Tapia, with 1 and 2 goals, respectively.

The second day had the biggest win until the tournament. 8 to 16 fell "Computación FC" against "Los Brazucas", after "Trapiche's Clan lost by 2 to 7 before" Toby's Club ". In this afternoon the talent of the great figure of the first date was appreciated, Luis Rodríguez, who enrolled with 7 for "Los Brazucas", a squad that also scored Miguel Diaz (4), Renzo Manterola (4) and Fabián Arancibia (1). The goals of "Computación FC" came from Humberto Farías, Guillermo Salfate, Samuel Henríquez and Juan Galleguillos, all with 2 annotations.

Previously, for "Toby's Club" they marked Máximo Hurtado (3), Paulino Rojas (2) and Víctor Escobedo (2), who beat "Trapiche's Clan", where only Cristóbal Rodríguez (2) scored. All the details of the tournament can be reviewed in http://www.armatupichanga.cl/Publico/Default.aspx.

About the tournament, one of the top scorers of the opening day, Martin Rodriguez, of the "Gatos Guatones" and titled Construction Engineering, said that "the expectations are to try to share with the majority of graduates and graduates, and be able to make a good championship because we have some time playing together, so I think we can do well. We played even in the University, in the Construction championship, so we kept the same name we used at that time. "

He also said that this seems a very good initiative, "because it brings us closer to the University. As one has already been titled a long time ago, in my case by the 2002, getting close to the University is good, to share with colleagues from that time and others from other careers ".

In turn, Edgardo Silva, member of "Ágora" and titled Ped. in Spanish and Philosophy, commented that "apparently, we are the oldest, longest-lived team, so expectations are fun, having fun. We are a team composed only of teachers, graduates of course, and we are always playing to have fun, have fun, rekindle camaraderie. And our expectations are those, return enchanted to our classroom mater that one day saw us leave and today we are back. "

The player recognized the weight that the physical state will have on the experience in this tournament, "and by physical we are quite diminished. But let's have fun, that's what's important, and be extremely loyal in everything: the game, the competition, the friendship, the camaraderie. "

"I owe a lot to this University, I love it very much, I really carry it in my soul and I think that every link that is tried to maintain and reinforce with the alumni is an extremely praiseworthy initiative, very valuable", highlighted Silva.

As we have already anticipated, the championship comprises two phases, where they will face all against all inside the 1 and 2 groups. Subsequently, the two best Cup 3 graduatesscores of each key will make up the Gold Group and third and fourth the Silver Group, to return to face each other in each series, thus defining the Silver and Gold champion in the finals to be played on 7 and 8 days in October.

Graduates, graduates, undergraduate and post-graduate students from the institution of the four faculties integrate these schools that are leaving everything on the court, showing experience, strength, speed and talent.

The tournament has the sponsorship of Comercial Peñarol, Peña and Iduya, Aguas del Valle, Óbica D'Ibañez, Coopeuch, Mutual de Seguridad, Covalsa Automotriz, AlpeSport, Delca and Falabella. All details will be published on the social networks of the Graduate Monitoring Office (Facebook and Twitter), via email and on the portal http://egresados.userena.cl.

Link with your Alma Mater

As mentioned by the Rector (s) of the house of studies, Dr. Jorge Catalán, "it is a very great effort of the University to maintain the link with all the people who have been trained in it and who nowadays act as successful professionals. in different areas of regional and national work. The University develops people both intellectually, cognitively, valuably and certainly also in what has to do with healthy living and physical well-being. " The authority added that in the sporting event "there is a great interest, many people, from different races and different moments of their formation (...). It is a great success. "

For his part, the director of Institutional Studies and Planning of the ULS, Mg. César Espíndola, valued that the Office of Graduate Monitoring has not been constituted only in one instance to have information from the graduates, but "the challenge was to establish links, networks, alliances that not only serve those who have already gone through the University, but to be the bridge for those who today are forming with the future labor field. The Office launched itself to the task of innovating and this is one of those things, to be able to develop activities that allow keeping in contact our institution, its Alma Mater, with each one of those generations that has been going through our corporation ".

Remember that the objectives of the tournament are to link students, graduates and / or graduates of the University of La Serena with their Alma Mater through recreational and sports activities; develop and promote sports, as well as the interpersonal relationships of the participants; generate contact networks in favor of the early labor insertion of students and graduates; and disseminate activities of the ULS Graduate Monitoring Office and its collaborators.

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