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Unpublished production gathers the reflections of six renowned researchers of the work of the Nobel Prize for Literature, expressed during the recent National Seminar on the pedagogical work of the writer, organized by the Gabriel González Videla Municipal Corporation, financed by the Regional Government and sponsored by the University of La Serena.

One of the least studied aspects in the life and work of the Chilean poet and Nobel Prize for Literature, consisting of her experience and pedagogical legacy in the Chilean educational system during the first half of the 20th century, contains the unpublished book entitled "The Making of Pedagogics by Gabriela Mistral. "

The publication is an initiative of the Gabriel Gonzalez Videla Municipal Corporation, of La Serena, which has funding from the Regional Government of Coquimbo, through the Culture Fund, and the sponsorship of the University of La Serena.

In solemn presentation ceremony of the book, held in the town hall of La Serena, and which was the Mayor Roberto Jacob Jure, the Rector (s) of the ULS, Dr. Jorge Catalán Ahumada, community and regional authorities and special guests , highlighted the work that, since the National Seminar "Gabriela Mistral and its Pedagogical Legacy", held at the ULS the 11 in April of this year, resulted in the publication of this book that includes the reflections of six renowned specialists and researchers of the life and work of the remembered poet.

These are the Mistralist scholars, Dusan Martinovic Andrade, Rodrigo Iribarren Aviles, Pedro Pablo Zegers, Thomas Harris Espinosa, Jaime Quiroga Ruiz, Rolando Manzano Concha and Jacqueline Galleguillos Macuada, who, from their own perspective, rescue in this book those successful experiences innovative in the administration and exercise of teaching and that even today, serve as a guide and guidance for all those who perform educational work.

legacy book 2During the ceremony, the director of the Department of Education of the Municipal Corporation Gabriel González Videla, Patricio Bacho Chávez, said that "our institution is interested in disseminating the pedagogical legacy of Gabriela Mistral, given the educational nature of the commune of La Serena, which must be based on the rescue of the specific historical elements that it already has, one of them is the Normal School, a series of educational establishments from the Serena period, which have a very important architectural heritage, and which are of reference for all the inhabitants of the city ".

Meanwhile, the Rector (s), Dr. Jorge Catalán, stressed that "for our university, which has been working for 25 for the value of the life and work of our Nobel Prize, it is truly an honor to have been part of the initiative, from which this important publication about Gabriela Mistral emerges. We have the conviction that it will be very useful for students, teachers and all those who wish to know their pedagogical, guiding and lasting principles. At the same time, it will serve to revalue its contribution to the educational, visionary and current task, in aspects as relevant as the expectations cited in the school ".

During the ceremony, copies of the work were presented to the present authorities, as well as to the public, who also enjoyed the musical talent of the Pedro Aguirre Cerda School Symphony Orchestra.