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His encounter with music and his vision regarding the learning processes were some of the topics addressed in the talk organized to motivate, from another perspective, future lawyers.

A different day lived a group of students from the Law School of the University of La Serena, who had the opportunity to meet and share with the prominent composer and performer Alberto Plaza.

In the meeting, the artist commented on some of the milestones that marked his professional life as his participation in the Viña del Mar International Song Festival, with the successful song "Que cante la vida"; and the way of seeing and understanding the upbringing of children and the ability of people to face everyday situations.

In addition, he expanded on his life experience and the knowledge he has acquired as a practitioner of Scientology, a philosophical trend that, in his opinion, has given him fundamental tools to face challenges both in the workplace and personal.

2 square"People sometimes seek happiness where it is not, it is necessary to search within each of us," he said emphatically, also stressing that affinity, reality and communication are fundamental elements to establish appropriate interpersonal relationships.

He also urged students to take advantage of their talents and skills in the search for knowledge that is meaningful to them, such as the choice of a profession.

With regard to this activity, the director of the law degree at the University of La Serena, Gonzalo Plaza, said that it is "a motivational meeting between a person who has had a different learning experience and can be very useful for our students. It is a very simple meeting in some aspects and very deep in others, which has no more ambition than to contribute in the process of learning to learn, "he said.