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1 employability talk

First year rents, occupation items, personal marketing and selection processes were analyzed by the exhibitor.

Academics and students of the careers of Auditing, Architecture, Computer Engineering, Agronomic Engineering and Pedagogy in English at the University of La Serena, were invited to participate in the talk "Employability and Labor Market", organized by the Graduate Monitoring Office of the house of studies and that was in charge of the employability consultancy of Trabajando.com, Bruna Álvarez.

The objective of the activity was to provide the participants with an overview of the average incomes according to years of experience, occupation categories, development areas, among other indicators. Also, the professional delivered some tools for the negotiation of the first income, the presentation and performance in the individual and group selection interview and other areas in which students and academics had consultations. The importance of being clear about who we are as professionals, what sets us apart and where we want to reach in our career was evident in the talk.

Regarding the selection process, Bruna Álvarez stressed the importance of personal presentation (taking care of clothes and hygiene), being punctual, listening to the interviewer, fulfilling the promises and commitments made with the recruiters, as well as being genuine and kind. On the rent, he called the young people to visit portals such as Trabajando.com or Mifuturo.cl to have information on the average salaries of the different professions according to the years of experience and thus have the necessary references when asked about the claims. for a certain position or position.

In terms of personal marketing, he stressed that it is important to take care of the vocabulary used, adapt the message to the context and interlocutor (idioms, tutear, etc.) and convey the positive of both work and academic experiences. Similarly, given the massive nature of social networks, he called future professionals to take care of their "virtual appearance", that is, to select the levels of privacy necessary for their publications and also the quality of the contents (messages, photographs and other ).

2 employability talkAnother very important area is that of strengths and weaknesses, which is always consulted in the selection processes. The employability consultancy of Trabajando.com urged young people to be clear about these aspects, being sincere, taking care of the way in which we present these personal characteristics, being self-critical and considering the capacity to improve the negative.

"What I recommend most is to prepare. As we spoke in the talk, we are in a very competitive market, where the level of competence that we will have in terms of professionals, in terms of the number of people with the same years of experience as we, the profession, training, etc. ., It is very wide. Therefore, preparation is key to the competitive advantage that you can generate. (...) Never get to improvise, the anxiety is already too much to have to improvise. It is better to arrive with something a little more prepared, "said Bruna Álvarez.

Similarly, the speaker stressed that the ULS is doing this type of activities to contribute to the preparation of those who are close to entering the world of work. "I think that is something very valuable from the University of La Serena because there are few universities that care about the future of their graduates. Sometimes it is enough for the houses of studies that that person literally hire that career and pay for it, and they do not worry so much about what happens with that person in the future with that career. So, the fact that the University delivers these types of instances, which are super valuable, speaks very well of the concern, of the empathy of the professionals who are here and of those who care about their students. Therefore, I make a call to use these instances, participate in fairs, talks, access this Office, all these professionals who are willing to provide knowledge, technology even in your favor. Again, few universities are concerned with generating indicators and this type of space, "he said.

3 employability talkOn the other hand, the director of School of Audit, Mg. Patricia Cortés, said that "I thought it was great everything that was exposed, very interesting for the students, in terms of the fact that they are at the doors of the search for a professional practice and they will be professionals in search of a job here. next year. " Also, the director highlighted the orientation of the talk, "from the logic of how it is presented to the interview, from the tips that were given in relation to how they respond, how they dress, punctuality, many aspects that one makes them see also within his formative years ", adding that" the messages that were delivered during his presentation were very assertive ".

It is important to note that this talk is part of the actions carried out during the year by the Graduate Monitoring Office as part of its Capacity Building program, by psychologist Natalia Carvajal, who conducts coaching workshops at the career level . For more details about these actions, you can enter the portal http://egresados.userena.cl or write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..